Rescue Chocolate's New Wild at Heart Truffles are Here for Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, Rescue Chocolate has unveiled two new cruelty-free chocolates. As always, all net profits are donated to animal rescue groups.

Brooklyn, NY, April 21, 2010 --( In a fix about what to get your mom/wife/daughter-in-law for Mother’s Day? Rescue Chocolate, the company whose motto is “the sweetest way to save a life,” has the answer. For a novel chocolate flavor name, you will probably never hear of another dark chocolate bar called 'The Fix.'

Joining the company’s other popular flavors—Peanut Butter Pit Bull, Bow Wow Bonbons, Pick Me! Pepper, and Foster-iffic Peppermint—The Fix is so designated in order to highlight the importance of spaying and neutering your companion animals in order to help reduce the pet overpopulation epidemic. It's also so-called to remind people about satisfying their chocolate fix.

It’s also designed to taste yummy. Made by hand at a historic factory in Brooklyn, the bar contains only the finest Belgian dark chocolate.

The Fix bars can also be paired with another new Rescue Chocolate offering: Wild At Heart truffles. These tangy treats are raspberry ganache-filled chocolate hearts, which come in boxes of 2, 6, or 16. Wild at Heart chocolates are so named in order to send affection and gratitude to all of the circus animals, laboratory subjects, abandoned exotic pets, and victims of “roadside zoos” who were meant to be wild, and to those human caregivers who provide them with love at long last in wild animal sanctuaries.

Rescue Chocolate is sold in a number of retail outlets in major cities, and is also available online at One-hundred percent of the company’s net proceeds are donated to animal rescue organizations. Recent beneficiaries have included the Animal Rescue Coalition for Haiti (ARCH), and United Animal Nations.

For Mother’s Day (or any day), be sure to get your chocolate fix, from Rescue Chocolate.

Rescue Chocolate
Sarah Gross