Announces Launch of Revolutionary Aircraft Sales and Services Portal

TomatoFlames has officially announced the launch of their newest, innovative venture The pilot sales portal, and its associated tools and services, are now available to the pilot community, airplane brokers, instructors, and individuals seeking aircraft parts, tools, and equipment at

Phoenix, AZ, April 21, 2010 --( Providing a distinct look and industry leading rates, has been made publicly available., an AugustReign, Inc. company, has created a drastically simplified, no hassle way to allow the aircraft industry to seamlessly sell aircraft, parts, and associated services such as flight instruction and maintenance services. In less than 5 clicks, any aircraft owner or flight instructor can make their item available for sale on

"With our nationwide advertising campaign set to launch by the end of April, this is an amazing time for us at TomatoFlames" states Pilot in Command Thomas Morley. "Over the next several months, we will be making a sizable financial investment to drive pilots and brokers to the site. Our current target is to increase visitor traffic 400% over the next 3 months. This will mean more listings, and more importantly more buyers for listed products and services".

"In addition to developing pilot, broker, and instructor awareness, our development team will be focusing on enhancing the TomatoFlames experience with new tools and services that connect buyers and sellers in unique ways. Pilots and Brokers should stay tuned for things to come."

James Stewart