Green Mobile Coupon Company Launches an App to Save Consumers and Advertisers Money While Saving Trees in the Process

Qponomics delivers electronic GPS location based offers right to the user’s phone. No coupon to clip and misplace or leave forgotten at home. No coupon junk mail feeding landfills and no trees destroyed. Best of all, Qponomics is green, affordable to advertisers and free to the consumer.

Los Angeles, CA, April 22, 2010 --( Since launching the free app on January 15, 2010, Qponomics has created over 300 sales jobs and has signed up over 1,500 merchant locations throughout the United States. Merchants consist of anything from restaurants, hair salons, dry cleaners and even sporting events- basically anything or anyone that offers coupons and promotional offers. They also range from single “mom and pop” stores to multinational retail, grocery and fast food giants. The acceptance of the Qponomics platform has been tremendous.

Because the coupons are delivered to mobile devices via the GPS locater built into the phone, the user can filter the coupons by selecting the type of merchant they are looking to find as well as the distance they want to travel. This means the Qponomics app is beneficial both locally and wherever the user travels. This also benefits merchants, as they are able to advertise their location and special offers to both local users as well as those in the area for business or personal travel.

In July of 2009, James Elliott, President and Chief Qponomist began working on the concept of Qponomics. Frustrated with an experience after a visit to a large pet products chain, Mr. Elliott felt there had to be a better way to deliver offers to consumers than the traditional paper coupon method. “As usual, I left my coupon at home,” stated Elliott. “I was told there was no problem and that all I had to do was bring it back within a week and the store would honor the coupon. I went back exactly 7 days later and lo and behold, the coupon was now expired and therefore, not honored. Needless to say, I was frustrated. Born of frustration, the next day, Qponomics was born.”

With Smartphones becoming ubiquitous in most Americans lives, the Qponomics concept is taking hold and the company is poised for unprecedented growth. Along with that growth, the platform continues to expand with new features being planned to enrich both the user and merchant partner experience. In a tough economy and a threatened environmental landscape, saving money is on everyone’s mind. Qponomics is at the forefront of saving people money as well as saving trees in the process.

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About Qponomics:
Qponomics is a free GPS, location based mobile coupon application available for download at the Apple App Store, Android Marketplace, BlackBerry App World, Windows Marketplace for Mobile and the Palm App Catalog (coming soon).

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