A Unique Inspirational LinkedIn Group: Spring Magic Life Society

“Spring Magic Life - The Society for Love, Wisdom and Happiness,” a recently created LinkedIn international group (owner website: www.SpringMagicLife.com), focuses on supporting professional people to live an ideal quality life with balance, fulfillment, happiness and magic life experience.

Brooklyn, NY, April 22, 2010 --(PR.com)-- This is an inspirational group where international people share and support each other to experience a magical life in love, wisdom and happiness. Members will find an endless source of inspiration and hope from this group to reach their most elusive dreams.

This is a society of people with passion, loving spirit, wisdom, creativity, open mind, generosity and leadership.

This is a unity of spirits for love, wisdom, happiness and magical life journey.

This is a place gathering people not by their aptitude, but by their attitude and therefore their altitude in their lives.

This is a global family where every member is the owner who enjoys sincere sharing and giving, and contributes to defining and building the Magic Life Society.

Since its birth from the beginning of 2010, this group has attracted around 50 professional people on LinkedIn before this news release. Its owner Spring Zheng, a Life Strategist and Leadership Coach based in New York, has launched www.SpringMagicLife.com to fully engage in empowering people in love, wisdom and happiness. Spring has also created her blog http://SpringMagicLife.wordpress.com to inspire people for a happier and more meaningful life.

Through this unique inspirational LinkedIn group, “Spring Magic Life - The Society for Love, Wisdom and Happiness”, Spring wants to work with all similar-spirit people globally to create an international community with a deep connection in minds, hearts and spirits, where people support and inspire each other to live life to its full value and meaning.

Spring Zheng