BBVA (Suiza) S.A. Optimizes the Processing of SIX Telekurs Data with GAIN Data Management

Private bank benefits from automatic security creation in Ambit Apsys.

New York, NY, April 23, 2010 --( AIM Software, a global provider of reference data management solutions to the financial industry, today announced that the private bank BBVA (Suiza) S.A. has gone live with the GAIN security creation interface for Ambit Apsys from SunGard. The adapter allows the customer to open instruments directly in the banking platform and thus to further optimize the processing of financial data from SIX Telekurs.

BBVA (Suiza) S.A. (, part of the BBVA Group, is a leading private bank in Switzerland that has been relying on GAIN Data Management by AIM Software ( for the processing of pricing data since 2005. Due to larger market volumes, BBVA (Suiza) S.A. decided to take in the standard GAIN | Ambit Apsys security creation interface in order to improve the opening of new instruments in the banking application and reduce the effort for manual processing.

“Our positive experience with GAIN Data Management in the past and its strong track record in the Ambit Apsys community, made us extend our existing solution by the GAIN | Ambit Apsys interface,” explains Francisco Javier Arranz, Chief Operative Officer at BBVA (Suiza) S.A. “With this adapter we are able to automate the opening of instruments directly in Ambit Apsys and take another step towards full straight through processing. The scalable GAIN platform allows us to seamlessly integrate additional functionalities whenever the demand arises.”

After the specification and test phase that were carried out in close collaboration with AIM Software, BBVA (Suiza) S.A. went live with the GAIN | Ambit Apsys security creation interface in November 2009. The adapter enables the customer to generate new securities directly in Ambit Apsys at any time of the day. This helps the bank to speed up the processing of static data and to cut down costs and manual effort. In the future, the installation will be extended by the GAIN mutation and update interface.

With GAIN Data Management, BBVA (Suiza) S.A. can now profit from an enhanced processing of pricing data including exchange rates as well as static data from SIX Telekurs. Moreover, the inherent business logic in GAIN that had been defined together with the client, ensures that the quality of the requested data remains very high and stable at all times.

”Growing demands in data processing require a flexible tool that comprises standard functionalities”, explains Josef Sommeregger, Vice President Business Development and Sales at AIM Software. “The reduced implementation effort became possible because of the deployment of GAIN together with the standard GAIN | Apsys interface, developed in collaboration between AIM Software and SunGard.”

“We are pleased to further extend our collaboration with BBVA (Suiza) S.A.,” concludes Martin Buchberger, Head of Marketing and Sales at AIM Software. “With GAIN, we are aiming at providing a future proof data management platform fully aligned with the evolution of Ambit Apsys. GAIN is already being utilized by sixteen Ambit Apsys banks in our growing community, which enables us to make developments for one client available to the entire customer pool. Thus, all customers can profit from reduced costs and the shortest possible implementation time.”

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