Dynaflow Introduces New Model of Award Winning Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer® (ABS)

Jessup, MD, April 26, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Dynaflow, Inc.®, a leader in research and development services and products in fluid dynamics, today introduced the ABS USB, the newest model of its award winning Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer® (ABS) – a system used to measure and monitor the distribution of bubble sizes and void fractions in liquids. With capability for bubble sizes ranging from 10 to 500 microns, and able to connect simply to a regular PC via a USB port, the new model streamlines ABS setup and operation and enhances system flexibility, making the ABS accessible to a whole new range of users across industry, government and academia.

“The ABS USB furthers the ABS's advantages compared to visual, optical and other acoustical methods of assessing bubble populations”, said Dr. Georges Chahine, Dynaflow’s president. “With advanced technology, enhanced ease of use and competitive price, the ABS is the system of choice in applications including in the marine and naval, energy, medical, aerospace and paper industries”.

The ABS USB is comprised of the ABS base unit including a data acquisition card, a signal generator card, a pair of emitter and receiver transducers, a transducer amplifier, and the recently released ABS 6.0 software. User system requirements are a PC based system with a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating system.

The ABS operates by determining changes in the speed of sound and attenuation arising from the presence of bubbles. Two transducers are used, one to transmit and the other to receive a series of short same frequency bursts over a range of frequencies. Dynaflow proprietary algorithms are then used to process and analyze the signals - obtaining the attenuation and phase speed in the bubbly liquid as a function of frequency and then the bubble size distribution and void fraction.

ABS is being utilized for applications across industry, government and academia including for analyzing bubble distributions in ship wakes, paper and paint industry processes, oil industry mud drilling, mercury tanks for accelerator based neutron source generators and cavitation erosion.

About Dynaflow, Inc.® - Founded in 1988, Dynaflow, Inc.® provides quality research and development services and products in fluid dynamics and material sciences. As a leader in the fields of gas liquid interface dynamics, bubble dynamics, cavitation, fluid structure interactions and erosion dynamics, Dynaflow offers services and products for the naval and marine, automotive, energy, chemical, environmental and food, and agriculture industries. Dynaflow pursues an inter-disciplinary approach to problems and has strategic collaborations with federal agencies, industry, commercial enterprises, and universities.

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