HSFA Continues to Grow with New Hires, Appointments and Board Members

New District Director, Leslie Becker, confirmed. Matthew Anthes Succeeds Tim Crockett as Chairman, Public Safety Committee. Rajeev Mudumba and Fundraising Expert Adrian Thomas Elected to the Board.

Atlanta, GA, April 25, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Today, HSFA announced the agency is making significant strides in fulfilling its commitment to establish field offices in every US congressional district. This effort continues with the recent confirmation of Leslie Becker as the new Director of the District 13 Field office in GA. Becker is an experienced professional with significant achievements in business and a passion for community service.

"It's an honor to serve my country in this unique position," said Leslie Becker, District Field Office Director, HSFA. "My goal is to educate our community and businesses about the resources available from HSFA and how to best protect against all types of hazards."

District Directors play a key role in HSFA's mission, providing for direct connectivity inside local communities across America. Agency officials say this grassroots approach to serving the public will advance hometown security, increase volunteerism and bring new jobs to the area. HSFA also appointed a new Director of Volunteerism, Carol Stewart, who has an extensive Human Resources background and an accomplished volunteer service record.

In other news in Washington, DC, Matthew Anthes, Sr. Vice President for Federal Relations and Government Markets, Liberty Square Group, has been appointed Chairman, Public Safety Committee, HSFA Board of Directors. As a long-time committee member, the agency believes Anthes is best suited to further the extraordinary efforts of predecessor Tim Crockett, CEO, Pioneer Consulting, to help bridge the gap between HSFA, the government and the public.

"Matt Anthes is active in politics and he understands the government," said Eric Brown, President and Chairman of the Board, HSFA. "He's already made solid connections with other organizations that are just as passionate about public safety as we are and that's important. We also know we have to keep driving the message of public service. With adequate support from the government, emerging non-profits like HSFA will play a major role in reducing unemployment and improving conditions across America. Matt can help strengthen our efforts on that front and hopefully get folks in Washington to take a close look at life-saving projects like RubyWATCH and Project STAN that can make a real difference today.

Anthes has used his expertise in government relations to help Fortune 500 corporations and start-ups succeed in the public sector. He's held high-level and challenging positions, including Director, Federal Affairs at Van Scoyoc Associates in Washington, DC and Special Assistant to the Clinton Administration's Political Director, where he developed briefings for members of the Cabinet and served as a link between the Executive Office of the President and elected officials nationwide.

HSFA recently elected Rajeev Mudumba to the Board of Directors. Mudumba is a proven executive with more than 15 years experience in operations, benefits outsourcing and technology.

"Rajeev has extensive experience and a solid background that compliments the diverse composition of the Board," said Lloyd Bumanglag, Chief of Staff, HSFA, and Chairman, Board Services Committee. "I see him adding value in a number of areas on the board and in the organization. Not only has he worked for big companies like AT&T, Tyco, Baxter Pharmaceutical, Kellogg's and PepsiCo; he also has an entrepreneurial spirit and understands startup dynamics. His accomplishments and capabilities make him a good fit for this agency. We're looking forward to working with him."

HSFA also elected fundraising expert Adrian Thomas to succeed Chairman Tanya Bates on the Fundraising Committee with the goal of overhauling HSFA's short and long-term fundraising models in hopes of generating a new wave of ongoing, sustained contributions.

"Words can hardly describe how tough this economy is right now," said Phil Sumner, Vice President, HSFA. "But, we're here to serve the public, and we can't slow down. So, we're always looking for experienced, motivated people who'll step up to the plate and work through the challenge of funding an organization with the words ‘Homeland Security' in the name. Finding the right person has been difficult, but I think Adrian can get our fundraising efforts back on track fast.

Thomas is a philanthropic, fundraising, and business professional with nonprofit fundraising experience. He increased revenue for United Way, Kansas City Missouri by 8%. He specializes in establishing long-term donor relationships with multi-national corporations such as Accenture, Ernst & Young, UPS and Proctor & Gamble and has earned a number of high achievement awards in volunteerism.

The Homeland Security Foundation of America is a public, non-profit, non-Federal agency for public safety, energy security and health and human services, certified as tax-exempt under IRC 501(c)(3) with 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) status. For more information visit http://www.hsfamerica.org or email comments@hsfamerica.org.

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Lloyd Bumanglag