Plain Talk 2010 - Learning from the Past - 40 Yr. Anniversary of the Augusta Race Riot

The author of the Plain Talk series on Race drives the discussion on Race to a different level. How do you take negative events and use them to your advantage? That's what Plain Talk does as he shows how we can move forward and improve our communities by examining the 40 yr. old Race Riot in Augusta, Georgia.

Augusta, GA, April 25, 2010 --( How do you commemorate the 40th year anniversary of one of Augusta’s ugliest moments?... Very carefully, thoughtfully, and respectfully.

Grady Abrams and Corey Washington will do just that. They will give an assessment and analysis concerning the progression of race relations in the CSRA over the last 40 years. This is a fine opportunity to use the past to promote meaningful racial dialogue.

Why these two Augustans?

Grady Abrams was a pivotal eyewitness to many of the fast moving events of the Augusta Riot. His vivid accounts are sure to captivate anyone who listens. Author/educator Corey Washington was not born in 1970, but he has spent a considerable amount of time researching and tracking the racial climate of not only Augusta, but the world in general. When you combine these two dynamic voices on the subject of race relations, you get one unique voice that calls for an honest, meaningful, and practical dialogue on Race.

About Grady Abrams

Grady Abrams is a retired labor relations manager at SRS. He was born in Augusta and spent most of his life here. He received his BS degree in mathematics from Paine College in 1961 and taught math at Lucy Laney from 1961 to 1965. From 1965 to 1970, he worked at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, first as a consultant and later as a unit manager. He spent a short time working in Richmond, Virginia, for Xerox as a salesman in 1973. In 1974, he started working in the ironworkers union as an apprentice. From there, he moved up the ladder to become a labor relations manager where he worked for ten years to his retirement.

Grady Abrams has also been active in the Augusta community for years both on radio and in church, where he taught Sunday school. He also served on the Augusta city council from 1968-70, and ran for mayor in 1972. He has written many articles for various local newspapers and has also appeared on television at various times discussing political topics. He is now currently painting in his art studio, at his home in Columbia County, where he invites the public to come and see his various styles of art. The studio is open by appointment at 706 855-5968.

About Corey Washington
Corey Washington is a middle school social studies teacher currently teaching at Tutt middle school in Richmond County, Augusta, Georgia. He holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Middle Grades Education from Augusta State University. Born in New York City in 1976, he has grown up in a cultural/racial melting pot. In the mid-1980’s, he moved to Aiken, South Carolina in the fifth grade. Ever since 1992, he has lived in Augusta, Georgia and considers it a perfect fit. He is the author of Plain Talk-Everything you Ever and Never Wanted to know about Racism and Stereotypes. (Vol.1) He is currently working on Vol. 2- Digging a Little Deeper. Corey is also a prolific blogger for several local and national websites: (Ben Hasan,, and

Plain Talk - Volume 1 * by Corey Washington
Everything You Ever And Never Wanted To Know About Racism and Stereotypes

Both Grady and Corey are available for Radio/T.V./Newspaper interviews/articles. Contact info: 706-664-8622 or 706-394-6315. Email:

Plain Talk 2010
Corey Washington
Printable form of Press Release

Printable form of Press Release

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