Gold Test Equipment from Quickshot XRF is Re-Designed and Re-Priced

X-ray Fluorescence is a growing solution for accurate gold and precious metal analysis. Quickshot XRF has recently redesigned their gold test equipments chamber and software package – all while lowering the price.

New York, NY, May 04, 2010 --( As gold and precious metal prices remain at record highs, scrap jewelry buyers and refiners have a continued interested in adding x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to quickly determine gold karat and precious metals concentration. Two popular XRF analyzers from Quickshot XRF have recently been redesigned in look, performance and price.

The interest of scrap jewelry buyers in XRF testing equipment continues to grow for a number of reasons. Of course, the accuracy of the technology plays a major factor in the interest to invest in higher end assay equipment. Gold buyers can avoid high payouts and work with more knowledge when negotiating with their refiners when they have more accurate knowledge of the metals present in a sample. The newest factor in XRF growth is how the technology helps to market a gold-buyers business… creating trust with the seller and differentiating XRF users from other buyers.

As x-ray fluorescence receives increased interest for this application, so does the low-cost Quickshot XRF Analyzer line. Two desktop systems were developed specifically for market; the QSX-79T which is focused on identifying gold content and the QSX-295T for accurate information on a wider range of precious metals. Both systems have recently received a redesigned look, upgraded software and new – lower – pricing.

The redesigned chamber designs offer more compact units that minimize their footprint and the software package for both units is now the same. Designed from over thirty years of experience with XRF technology and knowledge of the jewelry industry; the software now provides all the critical information on one easy to view screen. Measurement time, elemental spectrums, instrument configuration and (most important) results are all viewed without needing to flip between screens.

An additional benefit of the new software package is that both Quickshot XRF units now come with Karat Matching capabilities. In only five seconds, the user can match a samples spectrum to known spectrums and a karat value; some buyers pay out on this information while others run the full analysis to obtain increased pay-out accuracy. The software also has the ability to separate elemental peaks by color for easier viewing and the calibration has step by step prompts that essentially walk the user through the calibration and measurement process.

“The goal in the software and instrument redesign was to make these analyzers easier for the end-user to use,” notes Scott Kramer of QSX Instruments. “We consider our after sale support the best in the industry and will help as needed, but now our software package is so simple to use that we have limited the buyers time to grasp the technology; which is often new to them”.

The last aspect of the analyzer lines facelift was meeting the budgetary demands of the market. The previous year showed great growth for other Quickshot XRF instrument sectors (specifically the Handheld XRF) and this allowed QSX to lower the pricing of both the QSX-79T Gold Tester and the QSX-295T Precious Metal Assay Equipment. Despite the fact that other XRF sales organizations do not provide the after-installation support that Quickshot XRF does; pricing is a critical factor to the market and both systems are now the lowest priced models when compared to similar analyzers.

The XRF Sales Team of Quickshot XRF continues to develop the equipment and how end-users can learn about the options available to them. New distributors will soon be announced, the systems will be available for review at several tradeshows throughout the year and on-line demonstrations are in the final stages of development. Visit the Quickshot XRF website ( and XRF-Blog for updates and information or contact the XRF Sales Team at 716-438-8542.

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Jeffrey Henseler