Marlon Familton, Marriage Therapist at Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, LLC, in Bellevue Washington, Completes the Advanced Lifespan Integration Workshop

Marlon Familton, marriage therapist at Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, LLC in Bellevue Washington, completes the Advanced Lifespan Integration Workshop.

Bellevue, WA, April 29, 2010 --( Adults who experienced abuse and neglect in childhood often go on to react in patterned, dysfunctional and sometimes self-destructive ways as well as often end up with a mental illness. Current mental health treatment commonly includes medication and therapy. Lifespan Integration is a new technique which promotes rapid healing in adults who experienced abuse and/or neglect during childhood. Lifespan Integration therapy heals deeply and completely without re-traumatizing the individual.

“Lifespan Integration Therapy relies on the body’s ability to heal itself.” Familton says. “When I do Lifespan Integration Therapy with my clients, I have a sense that together we’re actually creating healing in a permanent way.”

Lifespan Integration was developed by Peggy Pace in 2002. Pace originally designed Lifespan Integration therapy for adult survivors of childhood abuse or neglect. She soon found that LI therapy facilitates rapid healing in people of all ages, and is effective with a wide range of therapeutic issues. Since 2004, Pace has been training therapists throughout the US and Western Europe. At the present time (2010), more than 1000 therapists worldwide have been trained in Lifespan Integration.

“Talking about past abuse in therapy doesn’t necessarily help people to move beyond it. With LI we can work at a deeper level.” Familton says. I’m very excited to have completed the advanced training and be able to offer my clients this very effective model of therapy.”

Marlon Familton runs Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, LLC in Bellevue Washington with his wife and parent coach Leah Koenig. CCFC is a private therapy practice in Bellevue Washington focused on working with individuals, couples, parents and children. To reach Marlon visit

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