Annual Results from ACCA Show Rise in Demand for Accountants

Increased global network during economic downturn shows finance profession is still an attractive global career.

London, United Kingdom, April 29, 2010 --( ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) has reported continued growth in members and student numbers, reflecting the need for professional accountants, especially in the context of global economic conditions.

The global membership of ACCA now stands at 140,000, a growth of 6.5 per cent from the 31 December 2008 figure of 131,500 members. Student numbers have increased from 366,000 to 404,000, a rise of 10.4 per cent.

As a result of its increased global network and the reputation of members in 170 countries, ACCA is increasingly rated as the leading global professional accountancy body by employers around the world.

Helen Brand, chief executive of ACCA, says: “ACCA has made significant contributions to the public debate on matters of world importance, such as the agenda of the G20 nations and in particular their call for the adoption of international accounting standards, COP15 and climate change, the value of audit, financial regulation and access to finance.

“This healthy growth comes during an economically challenging time, but it shows that the finance profession is an attractive global career. Accountants’ skills are more important than ever, to restore confidence in the global economy, to help businesses large and small to identify and manage costs and deliver sustainable growth.

“Following significant investment in enhancements to service delivery, ACCA students and members have recorded increased satisfaction with levels of service they receive. The organisation is pleased to see that the enhancements delivered have led directly to perceived improvements in service levels by customers.”

Last year, ACCA opened offices in Brussels, Bangladesh, Chengdu and Macau, and also began collaborative work with major organisations such as KPMG, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the IAAER (International Association for Accounting Education and Research). ACCA also partnered with CGA Canada and CPA Australia for an Economist Intelligence Unit research report into small businesses and access to finance.

ACCA now has 57 global accountancy partnerships with organisations around the world. In 2009/10 ACCA forged partnerships through a range of agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with:
· the Auditors Chamber of Ukraine
· the Georgian Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors,
· the Jordanian Association of Certified Public Accountants (JACPA),
· the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece - SOEL (Soma Orkoton Elegkton Logiston)
· the Business Development Company Ltd (BDC), the umbrella body for small business development in Trinidad & Tobago
· the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC)
· the Barbados Small Business Association (BSBA)

Regional performance in 2009

Asia Pacific
- Total members March 2010: 40,825
- Total Students and Affiliates March 2010: 103, 54
- Total: 144,079
- Total increase from 2008: 8.4%
Europe and Americas
- Total members March 2010: 88,308
- Total Students and Affiliates March 2010: 151,666
- Total: 239,974
- Total increase from 2008: 3.9%
MENASA (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia)
- Total members March 2010: 2,720
- Total Students and Affiliates March 2010: 69,526
- Total: 72,246
- Total increase from 2008: 31.9%
Sub Saharan Africa
- Total members March 2010: 8,372
- Total Students and Affiliates March 2010: 79,597
- Total: 87,969
- Total increase from 2008: 9.5%

Note: ACCA changed its year-end from December to March, so the chart above represents 15-months.

Hannah Smith
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