Top Twenty Seven Auto Saving Tips Released by Crazy4MoneyClips

Most people can lower their automobile costs if they take the time to save the money. Save a few thousand dollars a year on your automobile using these easy cost saving tips.

Atlanta, GA, April 29, 2010 --( One area that people often think about but approach hesitantly when thinking about cost saving is their car. Crazy4MoneyClips offers sound cost savings advice to millions of Americans annually. Below are twenty seven easily taken steps that can save you money.

1) Always purchase the cheapest gas.
2) Fill up your tank in the morning when it’s cold. You’ll get more for your money.
3) Plan on keeping your car forever and take care of it.
4) When you bring it in for servicing, ask them to wash it – many will do this gratis.
5) Be sure to always tighten your gas cap. Gas can evaporate and cost you money.
6) Don’t carry extra stuff in your car. The heavier it is the more gas it takes.
7) Combine errands so that you are driving less.
8) If you have teenagers, designate the teenager as the primary driver of your oldest car.
9) Buy your tires at discount chains but check the side of the tire for the year they were made.
10) Buy a used car.
11) Don’t waste time and money warming up your car.
12) Don't start and stop engine needlessly.
13) Don’t “rev” your engine.
14) Keep windows closed when traveling at highway speeds.
15) Drive Steady.
16) The light turns green, don’t gun it
17) Don’t overfill your tank
18) Try to hit the green lights
19) Don’t take the scenic route
20) Accelerate into hills
21) Park to Avoid Reverse
22) Keep your tires inflated
23) Carpool
24) Change your air filter
25) Use the Right type of Oil and Keep it Clean
26) Don’t Drive With Icicles on Car
27) Don’t Drive with Snow Tires All Year Round

If you want more information on any of the following go to and check out their blog. Their goal is to keep your money in your money clip.


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