ktMINE Streamlines Sales Agent Agreement Searches

Sales agent agreements are used by virtually all industries to increase sales and brand awareness without adding headcount or fixed costs. Creating a sales agent agreement that is in tune with the market can be a challenge as these documents are hard to find. ktMINE can streamline sales agreement searches by offering access to more than 150 sales agent agreements along with detailed summaries of royalty rates and other key licensing terms.

Chicago, IL, April 29, 2010 --(PR.com)-- ktMINE, a data and information services firm, today announced that the ktMINE Royalty Rates and Records Database now includes more than 150 sales agent agreements.

ktMINE provides intellectual property (IP) data, documents and analysis tools aggregated from publicly available records. The majority of ktMINE's records are IP license agreements sourced from publicly available sources.

Historically, sales agent agreements have been extremely hard to find. The largest source for these is the SEC database, which includes sales agent agreements among the wide array of documents filed publicly by organizations in compliance with federal regulations.

"The SEC database is an amazing source of IP data and documents, but its search filters are extremely broad," states David Jarczyk, COO of ktMINE. "Sales agents operate across every industry. So, in order to locate sales agent agreements in the SEC database, a searcher would need to sift through millions of documents."

ktMINE uses a combination of custom developed technology and algorithms to locate specific IP documents quickly and precisely from public sources such as the SEC. Then each document is reviewed by ktMINE's analyst team to ensure the record is defensible (non-redacted and from a material contract) and to capture and categorize all key licensing terms. Sales agent agreements are categorized under ktMINE's Service Agreement Type.

"Sales agent agreements can be particularly valuable during a recession as companies look for ways to preserve or increase sales without adding headcount or fixed costs," according to Jarczyk. "These agreements provide market compensation, usually in the form of commission on sales generated, and can be used not only for benchmarking market compensation but also as a strategic tool to shape terms and conditions and also to gain competitive insight."

About ktMINE

Based in Chicago, IL, ktMINE is a data and information services provider. ktMINE 's Royalty Rates and Records Database was created by a team of transfer pricing and valuation experts to simplify the process of finding defensible market comparables. Through a proprietary method, ktMINE is able to provide both common and hard-to-find market comparables along with authoritative documentation. ktMINE's customers include tax authorities and industries such as business valuation, transfer pricing, M&A, expert witness, IP law and litigation and technology transfer. www.ktMINE.com

Nancy Desmond