Launch of Creatus Branding & Marketing Syndicate, a New Kind of Animal in the Marcom Jungle

A new type of marcom agency has just been launched, bringing together a network of creative professionals from across the United States. Creatus will offer top-tier branding & marketing services, taking the best practices of today's top marcom dogs and throwing out the worst.

Cypress, CA, November 20, 2006 --( Creatus Branding & Marketing Syndicate is a new type of agency, a network of creative professionals that function as one creative entity. Talent from various agencies in the Midwest and West Coast has been pooled to offer image advertising at a much lower cost than is currently available.

The group's mission is to provide big-budget style services to smaller budget clients by focusing on new markets and new media. They are currently working on various projects using the popularity of YouTube, Myspace, Spotrunner and other sites to promote their clients' brands in a unique and unconventional way.

Creatus' talent pool consists of multiple brand strategists, Designers, Account Executives, Interactive media developers and SEO professionals. They rely heavily on young, hip, web-savvy people who enjoy the unique position of offering a fresh perspective on how to reach the youth of America.

Headquartered in Orange County, CA, Creatus has it's roots in the tradeshow industry, partnering with Premier Displays & Exhibits to integrate their clients' tradeshow and events programs with new media. Originally Creatus was founded to meet the conventional marketing needs of their client base, but along the way it was discovered that a great demand existed for new media mastery.

Creatus founder, Brad Lott, talks about the recent launch of his company: "Creatus is a liquid agency, a free-flowing stream of ideas and unrestricted creativity. All of us have at one time or another worked for the mid-level/large agencies and branding houses."

"The greatest thing about us is that we have a large network of some of the country's brightest minds but none of the bloat that makes branding & marketing so expensive. The small business owner, heck, even the mid-level companies, are shut out of the market from obtaining top-tier branding due to the costs associated with hiring an agency. We seek to fill a vacancy in the market."

"We have the know-how, experience and creativity of the some of the larger guys, but we have elected to throw out many of their worst practices. The net effect is that the client gets a superb product and we spare them the proverbial rake over the coals".

Creatus officially opened for business on September 4th, 2006. They have clients in the Retail, Medical Device, Alternative Fuel, Kitchen & Bath and Consumer Electronics industries.

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