The Most Beautiful Woman in the World is...

Drum roll please. The most beautiful woman in the world has been voted in by members of the popular website,

Chicago, IL, November 20, 2006 --( Drum roll please! The most beautiful woman in the world has been voted in by members of the popular website, - a resource-rich site designed to help world-wild women reconnect with their inner goddess.

More than 500 women voted on who they think is the most beautiful woman in the world, with choices ranging from Madonna, Lucy Liu to Sophia Loren and others.

In a decisive victory, 62 percent of the women voted that “the most beautiful woman in the world is… in the mirror!”

The site’s creatrix, Anita Ryan, is not surprised.

“Women who visit my site are seeking to empower themselves in their lives. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to take very long for them to realise that every woman is goddess – including themselves!” she says.

The Australian author promotes this message through workshops (popularly known as a “Goddess Playshop”) around Australia and the world.

“By honouring the feminine divine, my workshops help women reconnect with their inner goddess – that aspect of self that is lovable, gorgeous, sassy, wise and invincible,” says Anita.

Like all the work she does, Anita says the message is simple: “Women everywhere can take time out for themselves every day, to stop, pamper and power their way to inner stardom.”

As such, Anita focuses on seven major aspects of life to achieve this state of “goddess-ness”.

“From personal experience, the easiest way to keep the inner goddess healthy and nourished is to keep balanced chakras – the energy centres in the body that represent your foundation, creativity, self-definition, love, self-expression, wisdom and faith.”

More than 1000 women around the world have participated in a Goddess Playshop, either with Anita or with one of her 25 international Facilitators.

“Women who attend a Playshop can expect to meet their patroness goddesses,” says Anita. “Without fail, as participants tap deeper into their intuition and authentic selves, they are amazed at the messages they receive.”

Anita says one of the most rewarding aspects of her workshops is seeing a sense of “dawning” fall across participants’ faces.

“There is a real ‘a-ha!’ moment for most women. They can’t wait to share their insights with their goddess sisters and create affirmations to take away with them. They walk out feeling sassy, inspired and utterly invincible!”

Coming in a distant second in the website poll was Sophia Loren, who captured 23 percent of the votes. Lucy Liu came third, followed by Janet Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

To find more about Goddess Playshops or Anita’s latest book, The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality, visit .

Anita Ryan