A New eBook Entitled ‘The First 23 Days, Secret Conversations of an Internet Romance’

In ‘The First 23 Days’, the Masked Truelovers reveal how the first three weeks of their online relationship inspired the passion that would lead to life-time commitment.

Allentown, PA, May 01, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The Masked Truelovers announce the release of their ebook entitled, "The First 23 Days," an autobiographical exposure of how they quickly grew in their relationship after meeting on an online dating website.

On their personal website, long-distance-love.com, the masked truelovers present themselves as an anonymous couple, going by the pen names of Gianni and Sophie. They share many aspects of their growing relationship on that website, that show how they moved quickly from an instant online connection to long distance love. They are now a happily married couple in a long distance marriage. In their ebook, they expose their thoughts, words and actions during the first 23 days of their online romance, which fueled their intense anticipation leading up to the day they would finally meet in person. In their ebook, they also provide many excerpts from the emails and online chats they had.

The Masked Truelovers’ objective in this autobiographical love story is to help other men and women of all ages to realize that there really is hope for finding true love - whether you have never been married, if you are tired of bad relationships, or if you’ve been divorced and want to get it right the next time around. They hope that others will be inspired by their simple love story of how they found someone compatible for themselves. They learned from one day to the next, one email to the next, one online chat to the next, one phone call to the next – that they had indeed discovered a person who may provide the companionship they so longingly desired.

Revealed in this 144 page eBook, Gianni was at first embarrassed to tell Sophie, "I’ve fallen in like with you" (on page 15, one week after they met online). One day before they met in person, Gianni ended his email with, "I love you more than words can say, and I haven’t even met you yet" (page 144). If it was infatuation, it grew to true love. This self-published eBook is only available on their web site: http://www.long-distance-love.com/thefirst23days.html

After meeting online in July, 2008, The Masked Truelovers were married in the summer of 2009. They still maintain addresses in two States. They have two other ebooks available on their website. Gianni had a non-fiction Christian book published in 2005 under his birth name, and is currently writing a Fantasy genre novel, edited by his wife, Sophie, which they will present to agents in the next few months.

The Masked Truelovers
Gianni and Sophie