Sonic Wave Recording Artist Anand Bhatt Aids Gulf Oil Spill

GRAMMY Considered Rock Star Anand Bhatt Successfully Encourages Colleagues to Divert Efforts to the Gulf Oil Spill Animal Rescue

New Orleans, LA, May 06, 2010 --( The Gulf Oil Spill is a serious cause of concern for rock personality Anand Bhatt who recently has been successful in a nationwide initiative for Animal Rescue. "We need to stop what we're doing at the moment and focus all our efforts in rescuing the animals, some of which are endangered, from this unfortunate oil spill fiasco," says Bhatt. Bhatt is encouraging his fellow GRAMMY recognized celebrities to take simple actions that would significantly impact the cause. He adds, "If we all gave up our royalty earnings for just a day or two it would provide immense help for Animal Rescue teams. That's where we're going to start." Insighting fans to volunteer has been another impactful win on the agenda.

On a previous morning, Bhatt managed to raise over $40,000 for animal rescue in a matter of hours by donating his albums royalty-free.

Bhatt's new album titled ";)" was also released last Tuesday from which a large portion of the Animal Rescue funding will be generated today.

Quotes from Anand on the new album: "The new album came out last Tuesday (titled ";)") and it was an album where I took fan requests to determine which songs to record. It features songs written by John Mayer, Colbie Caillat, & Kris Allen."

Rock Personality Anand Bhatt is known for his crossover solo albums and as frontman of the tribal hardcore group Anand clique. Bhatt got a great career launch at a young age from his work with Jim Martin (Faith No More) and various celebrity-fan testimonials for Anand Clique.

Other recent popular Anand Bhatt projects include a compilation with Knoc-turn'al, Kurupt, Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E., and an upcoming collaboration with God Forbid member Dallas Coyle.


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