Prestige Network Helps Former Newbury MP in Quest to Reach Minorities

Immigration and social inclusion is currently a popular topic. Now a Conservative Candidate has become what may be the first Parliamentary Candidate to have part of his website translated into other languages.

Newbury, United Kingdom, May 06, 2010 --( Richard Benyon, former Newbury MP and Conservative candidate for Newbury in the forthcoming General Election, has become what may be the first Parliamentary Candidate to have part of his website translated into other languages.

Richard has had part of the ‘How to contact Richard’ element of his website translated into French, Polish, Portugese and Spanish so that he can communicate direct with West Berkshire residents who prefer to correspond in these other languages.

Visitors to the Richad Benyon's website are asked: “If you would like to contact Richard Benyon, click here” in four languages other than English.

The service is being provided in partnership with West Berkshire-based language services company Prestige Network. The ‘contact us’ box takes residents through to an email which goes direct to Richard and can then be forwarded to Prestige Network for translation.

Shawn Khorassani, Prestige Network’s Strategy and Business Development Director, said: “It’s important that all sectors of the community can be reached by politicians at all times, including the run-up to a General Election. We are pleased to be able to help Richard be an inclusive Parliamentary candidate.

“We are not aware of any other Parliamentary candidate in this election to carry out such an initiative and believe he is probably the first former MP to have done so.

“It’s important that people from different cultures feel comfortable living side by side and feel part of the community. Social cohesion is good because of, not despite, the mixed community – and this kind of initiative makes a positive contribution towards that cohesion.”

Conservative candidate Richard Benyon said: “Look at any aspect of life today and you will see the contribution that migrants have brought, and not just to the economy.

“Assimilating people of all types of nationalities and backgrounds is important in leading to a cultural richness to a community, which must be celebrated and embraced. Having a mixed population is hugely beneficial.

“Ethnic diversity is an enriching thing for a community. Even though people may be multi-lingual and able to speak English, they may be more comfortable communicating with their Parliamentary candidate in their mother tongue – that’s why I took this initiative.”

More details about Prestige Network are on or 01635 866888.

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