Shapeline Flatness Measurement in China

Demands for quality steel strip in the People's Republic of China is opening up the world’s largest market for Shapeline.

Shanghai, China, May 03, 2010 --( The demands from users of high quality steel in China are putting increased pressure on the manufacturers to improve control of their processes. Flatter, thinner and stronger grades are more and more required – and to produce and verify the material, advanced measurement systems are required.

The first Shapeline systems have just been installed at a slitting line for high grade steel outside Shanghai, where a Shapeline 500 system for multi-strip measurements is now helping the producer to maintain the world leading role.

“High quality precision steel is a long time market for Shapeline,” says Dr. Par Kierkegaard, CEO of Shapeline. “Our first installations date back more than 10 years when Uddeholm and Sandvik in Sweden acquired the very first Shapeline systems – which are still used in production. In China we expect a very quick development, not only on these products, but for other quality sensitive products such as Electrical Silicon Steel and Heavy Plates where we also have strong products.”

He continues: “It is easy to believe that China and Sweden are far away from each other, but that is no longer true in any sense. Steel users and producers have the same requirements here as in Europe – and through technical remote service combined with the fast and cheap travel alternatives, we offer customers here the same level of support as we do our customers in for instance Germany, Korea, Brazil, USA and all other markets where we have systems in operation.”

About Shapeline
The Shapeline solution for measuring the flatness and width of metallic products (plates and strip) is used from Korea to Brazil. Applications range from continuous casting to final plate and strip products. For more information please visit

About Shapeline Multistrip
In the Shapeline Software there is a feature for measuring on several strips that run in parallel – which is the case in a slitting line. Every strip is measured and evaluated separately and data is stored for each strip individually. Other features for slitting, such as virtual slitting are also standard features of the software.

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