ON’s New Platinum Muscle Building Stack is a GNC Exclusive

ON’s Platinum Muscle Building Stack is available exclusively at GNC and GNC.com, and only while supplies last.

Aurora, IL, May 05, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Most people who lift weights understand the importance of a fast-acting protein like whey right before and/or after exercise. The really savvy athletes may even stack fast whey with slower casein protein shakes for day and evening coverage. Optimum Nutrition’s (ON) Platinum Muscle Building Stack takes the concept of stacking to a higher level by combining Platinum Hydrowhey®, the company’s purest and fastest acting whey with Gold Standard 100% Casein®, the only pure micellar casein plus Superior Amino 2222 tablets. The attractive black and silver display box also contains a shaker cup for protein mixing convenience along with a custom Platinum Hydrowhey® t-shirt.

ON’s Platinum Muscle Building Stack is available exclusively through GNC and GNC.com. It is a special limited time ‘Hot Buy’ and will be available only while supplies last. If GNC customers were to purchase these items separately, they would expect to pay $144.95. While supplies last, this exclusive Hot Buy is $69.99, with $4.99 flat rate shipping for GNC.com Internet customers.

“Strength athletes want to use a fast-acting whey protein first thing in the morning, before or after working out,” explained Jay Jacobsen, ON Marketing Manager. “While rapid protein delivery is important during these timeframes, slower digestion is beneficial right before bed, since the majority of muscle rebuilding takes place during sleep. That’s where casein comes in, and for comprehensive day-long muscle support, amino acid tablets, taken with meals, help cover any gaps to make sure that muscles have the raw materials they need for rebuilding bigger and stronger.”

Optimum Nutrition has been committed to quality and innovation since the business was founded in 1987. ON’s extensive line of protein powders is produced at company owned and operated facilities that are NSF GMP Registered and AIB GMP Certified. In addition, all raw materials are carefully tested in house and by 3rd party auditors. The company’s commitment to superior quality is matched only by its pursuit of continuous improvement. ON food scientists work to improve existing products while developing breakthrough technologies for exciting new formulas.


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