Countdown To Buy Now Features Foreclosed Homes in Georgia with Prices That Reduce 1% Per Day

Transparent and efficient online marketplace levels the playing field for home buyers. Prices range from $22,000 to over $190,000 on homes located in 17 different communities.

Atlanta, GA, May 05, 2010 --( Countdown To Buy, a next generation online real estate marketplace that offers fair and effective solutions to buy and sell properties, announced today that it has entered the Georgia marketplace and will be featuring recently foreclosed properties in 17 communities to potential home buyers.

“Because of the uncertainty, risk and anxiety surrounding purchasing an “as-is” property in foreclosure, buyers need more information to level the playing field,” commented CEO Jim Hodson in regard to Georgia’s foreclosure rate being the sixth highest in the nation. “These newly foreclosed properties are being featured with independent appraisals and broker price opinions posted within our online marketplace thereby enabling home buyers to buy with more confidence.”

Properties in Georgia will range in price from about $22,000 to over $190,000 and are located in 17 different communities, including Alpharetta, Greater Atlanta, Columbus, Kennesaw and Stone Mountain. All properties can be researched, open house dates viewed and showings scheduled with real estate agents through the Company’s website at

For a video simulation of how the Countdown To Buy process works, please visit the Company’s website at or click on the following How It Works.

After Countdown To Buy successfully matched buyers in 25 days or less with an initial set of pilot properties located in Texas, Connecticut & Illinois, a leading institution expanded their multi-state pilot into the Georgia market. Countdown To Buy is now working with several leading institutions and has featured foreclosed properties in 18 states on its online marketplace.

“Our transparent, no negotiation approach is gaining acceptance quickly with agents and buyers, and our seller partners are experiencing the significant advantages our model has to offer compared with existing disposition methods,” commented Tom Furey, Managing Partner of Countdown To Buy. “With a seller approved price range that is pre-determined for each property, our unique reverse countdown reduces prices 1% per day through a confidential offer management system to significantly reduce the time a property spends on the market.”

About Countdown To Buy
Countdown To Buy is an online real estate marketplace that automatically matches motivated sellers and qualified buyers in an environment of trust, transparency, and efficiency. The Company has a patent pending business process that reduces a property’s list price each day within a pre-negotiated price range. The technology and marketing platform was built specifically to expedite the sales cycle in real estate transactions through a time-limited, objective, and confidential offer system. The Company services demand from banks, servicers, home buyers and investors through a streamlined technology process and unbiased transaction support. For more information on Countdown To Buy, please visit

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