Asanamix Launches their Personal Yoga Construction Kit for Home or Travel

Orlando, FL, May 05, 2010 --( Asanamix™, LLP, has announced the release of the company’s first two collections of guided audio yoga modules. Now yogis and yoginis can create their own personalized audio arrangements of asanas, breathing exercises and flowing sequences.

The albums are the first audio programs available to enable “the personal yoga construction kit” concept developed by Asanamix.

The recordings, simply called “Asanamix One” and “Asanamix Two”, include common yoga postures that should be familiar to most who have taken basic Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga or Power yoga classes. The audio is not meant to teach yoga, but to support a regular practice. The goal, in the words of Asanamix founder Chuck Bair, is “to fill in the gaps when you can’t get to your favorite class.”

A New Concept in Personal Yoga

The concept was developed by Bair in response to a personal need which wasn’t being met by existing yoga audio or video programs. A frequent business traveller and father of two, he would often have times when he could not make his favorite yoga class. He began using various yoga videos and CDs for guidance. This worked well, but he found that repeating the programs over time became monotonous. Also, he sometimes wanted a different time duration or level of intensity than his yoga DVD and CD collection could offer.

Bair also experimented with self-guided practice. Although he found it a good way to focus on mastering a particular pose, for day-to-day practice he missed having some guidance. “I like to be able to pick and choose where to focus, but I really prefer to check out mentally during my practice. I like to focus on each movement, knowing that in the end my guide will ensure that I have a complete and balanced workout.”

Bair developed the Asanamix system based on concepts he learned from contemporary software design. “Most software is now designed around a system of interchangeable modules. This allows the same components to be reused in many different ways. It occurred to me that yoga classes tended to have the same structure - different types of poses and sequences rearranged by the instructor to create variety and target specific areas of focus. With Asanamix, we bring that mix-and-match capability to personal yoga practice.”

Once he had defined his goals for the Asanamix system, Bair recruited a good friend and yoga instructor Ariel Albani to design and script the audio modules. Albani also brings her unique talent for yoga instruction to the product, providing the voice guidance on both of the first two releases. Chuck also engaged his friend Rolondo Gonzalez, a Miami-based professional musician, to provide custom music for the program. Gonzalez also lent his expertise as an audio engineer to create professional quality recordings.

Using Asanamix

Using the Asanamix system is of course much easier than compiling software. In fact, the two albums can simply be played in any audio CD player. Each will provide a well-balanced practice of about one hour. To create custom arrangements, all that is needed is an audio playback program that features the ability to create playlists, such as iTunes® or Windows Media Player®. Users simply create a playlist and arrange the modules as they would a sequence of songs. The playlists can be used from a computer, or transferred to portable audio devices such as an iPod®. Guidance for creating a well-balanced practice is provided on the company’s website in the “Learn” section.

Asanamix One and Asanamix Two are available on CD or for download into most popular media players via Amazon MP3™. The company also offers the collection as a two-album set called “Asanamix One+Two” at a discounted price. Information and links for both options can be found on the company’s site in the “Learn” section. For more information about Asanamix, including future modular yoga products, go to

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