Becomes the First Airline Classified Website with Google Products Integration

TomatoFlames has officially announced that they are the first, and only, online aircraft classified service provider to fully integrate with Google Products Search.

Phoenix, AZ, May 06, 2010 --(, has announced full product integration with Google Products Search ( As the first and only online aircraft classified service to offer this at no additional charge to sellers and aircraft brokers, each classified placed on TomatoFlames will result in their products, with associated details and photos, being made available to the millions of potential customers that leverage Google Products Search.

“What this means to our sellers and brokers is simple…“, states Pilot in Command Thomas Morley, “adding your aircraft and services to allows you to leverage the global reach of Google Products, at no additional cost.”

“This is a perfect example of why is different from the 1970’s business model that existing classified providers still operate under. We intend to leverage technology in innovative, untapped ways, to become a partner to our customer, and help to extend the reach of our buyers, sellers, and brokers” Mr. Morley continues. “When a seller can just think about selling their aircraft, and it appears in millions of potential buyers brains, our work will be done,” he adds with a joking smile.

James Stewart