In Honor of National Sports & Fitness Month, Sport Science Lab Offers Sports Performance Training to Go

SSL is offering a Footwork series to compliment May's National Sports & Fitness Month. The Footwork series focuses on improving balance, increasing foot strength and coordination. The series is small and lightweight for easy travel.

San Juan Capistrano, CA, May 07, 2010 --( Sport Science Lab, the rebel sports performance training company that has been re-training the Central Nervous System in athletes and weekend warriors, re-launched their Foundational Footwork series for busy people on the go.

“In this fast-paced world, it seems we’re so pressed for time that we often overlook the basics, like building a proper foundation for sports or simply a hectic lifestyle,” says Gavin MacMillan, seven-sport athlete and sports performance training professional to NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and world-class endurance athletes.

“This Footwork series will strengthen your toes, ankles & all the little muscles in your feet. And when you think about it, your feet are the only thing touching the ground… producing force to run, jump, cut, stop on a dime. But, also to walk around in high heels, commute to work on public transportation, keep you steady, let you know where you are in space,” concluded Mr. MacMillan.

The sports performance training series consists of a set on Imbalance Disks, Single Foot Slant Board and Ankle Pipes. They’re made of lightwood material and fit easily in a backpack or suitcase for easy portability. In just 10-minutes a day, a person can improve their balance, foot strength, proprioception and coordination. Plus, with regular use, it severely reduces the risk of common injuries.

For additional information and to take advantage of a National Sports & Fitness month special, visit the Sport Science Lab website.

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Kristi Mulrean