Bertrand Retirement Strategies, LLC Offers Targeted Retirement Planning Solutions for Your Nest Egg

H. Bradley Bertrand helps individuals make the right financial decisions and build income streams that cannot be outlived; securing financial peace of mind during retirement.

Oklahoma City, OK, May 07, 2010 --( Bertrand Retirement Strategies (BRS), LLC, an independent financial and retirement planning firm, announced today that Financial Advisor H. Bradley Bertrand offers income solutions in retirement planning. By balancing a combination of growth and income accounts, he builds personal wealth and income that cannot be outlived; thus providing financial peace of mind.

Jim Read, a BRS client commented, “I would recommend Brad very highly. I’m quite confident in his honesty and his ability to protect my assets and do what he told me what he would do.”

News sources have stated that Social Security benefits are declining and may not be a stable enough source of retirement income in years to come. It is estimated that Social Security will be providing less in the future relative to pre-retirement earnings, than it has in the past. In addition, a recent study by Fidelity Investments revealed that a typical couple could expect to spend $250,000 during their retirement, solely on medical expenses, and not including nursing-home care.

To guarantee an income during retirement, advanced income planning is the best way individuals can adequately meet their financial needs during their golden years. By implementing an income plan upon retirement, one can be assured of an income source that cannot be outlived.

With the help of an experienced financial planner and advisor like H. Bradley Bertrand, individuals can save for retirement, protect their retirement savings and maximize their retirement income, where other income sources fall short. He helps individuals find the right instruments to protect their savings, optimize tax advantages and reach their financial goals, no matter at what age or when they begin saving for retirement.

“With Bertrand Retirement Strategies, I feel our money is safer and that we’ve made better income,” said BRS client, Anna Brown.

About Bertrand Retirement Strategies
Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Bertrand Retirement Strategies is one of the premier independent financial services in Oklahoma. The firm provides financial planning, investment advice and wealth management services to over 300 clients.

The firm was founded by H. Bradley (Brad) Bertrand, who serves as President and Senior Financial Advisor. Since 1987, Brad Bertrand has been helping clients make prudent financial decisions for their retirement, focusing on safe investments that provide growth and lifetime income. He has hosted over one hundred educational workshops, and has spoken on numerous radio programs and at various public forums, discussing topics relating to retirement, investments, estate planning, asset protection and tax reduction.

For more information about Bertrand Retirement Strategies and how H. Bradley Bertrand can help plan for your retirement nest egg, please visit or call (405) 703-3800. You may also view his blog at

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