Intellias Initiates New Business Contacts at Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum 2006

Lviv, Ukraine, November 22, 2006 --( Over the recent years, the Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum has won the reputation of one of the most prominent IT events in the Eastern Europe. In-depth coverage of outsourcing topics, well-managed B2B meetings as well as friendly and highly collaborative atmosphere contributed to the event’s growing popularity among Ukrainian and foreign companies. The geographical scope of the UOF participants is broad: besides traditional visitors from Western Europe and the USA, the interest in the event expressed IT companies from the Middle East and Indian subcontinent.

The Ukrainian IT market is an attractive niche for international companies looking for either investment of their financial capital or outsourcing partnerships. One of the forum organizers, Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative have calculated that the total growth of Ukrainian IT market is expected at 25 – 30% margin, compared to previous year, herewith opening numerous opportunities for international cooperation. To the large extent, this growth is made possible owing to dramatic increase of SME operating in IT outsourcing sphere, therefore opening up attractive perspectives for middle-sized companies like Intellias. Thus, UOF covers topics not only related to the strategies and market activities of the large IT corporations, but focuses on issues that facilitate revealing the potentials and unveiling the undeniable competitive advantages of the IT specialized SMEs.

The Forum overall thematic constitutes significant interest for Intellias, since it embodies discussions and presentations on the issues that are of everyday concern for the marketing and sales divisions of the export-oriented IT enterprise. One of the burning issues, addressed by several UOF speakers, is ultimate positioning and well-managed niche marketing. Being strategically oriented to the German-speaking market, Intellias practically corroborates the positive impact of proper niche management. The peculiarities of the local markets have been revealed in a number of region-oriented presentations, sharing both commercial and psychological tips for successful marketing strategies.

Among most impressive reports one should mention “Outsourcing Market in Germany” by Natasha Starkell, CEO and Founder of GOAL Europe and “How to market outsourcing services successfully to the Scandinavian market?” by Helge Ranvik, President of Scandinavian House.

The practical success of the UOF has been reinforced by Ukrainian IT Matchmaking Event 2006, enabling effective initiation of business contacts and negotiations. Intellias has been represented by its CEO for Marketing and Sales, Vitaly Sedler, who has taken part in the several business meetings with the prospective partners from Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. Finally, Intellias has broadened the network of its international contacts and opened new opportunities for its professional growth.

Hans Kriniger