Intellias Takes Part in the International Workshop "Advanced IT Solutions and Competitiveness of SMEs in CEE"

Lviv, Ukraine, November 22, 2006 --( It is generally recognized that the competitiveness of SMEs in the present-day business environment ultimately relies upon effective implementation of the most up-to-date information technologies. However, the Ukrainian IT space is characterized with highly noticeable information gap between IT-saturated export-oriented software development companies and ordinary businesses or governmental agencies. The seminar has provided perfect platform for the interaction between local SMEs, communicating their IT needs, and IT service providers like Intellias, briefing on their enterprise-based IT offerings.

The seminar has assembled insightful speakers from Ukrainian and international IT companies, as well as representatives from research institutions, consulting firms and IT experienced SMEs. The case studies from Western Ukrainian companies, possessing experience in implementation of IT solutions in industrial process, have illustrated emerging difficulties in aligning IT automated process with qualifications and professional level of the involved personnel. The practical aspects of introducing ERP systems for optimization of production process have been presented by Vitaly Pyasetsky (Lvivkholod public corporation) and Andriy Tsehelyk (Enzyme joint-stock company).

The discussion has further focused on the international experience of the implementation of the information technologies as well as networking and partnership practices. Valuable contributions to the topic has been made by Maria-Luisa Sanseverino E4 Project Coordinator from Centro Ricerche Fiat and Patric Sitek from Bremen Institute of Industrial Technology and Applied Work Science. Particular emphasis has been placed on the E4 Project: Extended Enterprise Management in Enlarged Europe including collaboration initiatives and close involvement of the Eastern European enterprises within its framework. The discussion has been reinforced by the case study on Ivano Frankivsk business portal, assembling best practices from abroad business development agencies.

The closing remarks and debates have been thematically related to the forecasts and estimates on the future of IT implementation in the SMEs activity. Still, the organizational structure of the majority of small and medium enterprises as well as professional level of the managerial staff involved does not adjust to the advanced enterprise resource planning systems, popular with European SMEs. Intellias representatives have pointed to the one of the important aspects of IT implementation concerning valuable exchange of experience with European enterprises and partner networks aiming at strengthening of Ukrainian SMEs competitiveness with the means of modern IT solutions.

About the Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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About Intellias Ltd.
Intellias is an ISO-certified software development company with its Development Office in Lviv (Western Ukraine) and Sales & Marketing division in Zürich (Switzerland). The company specializes in Internet/Intranet Applications, Distributed Systems, MS Windows Applications as well as Embedded Systems.

From the outset of its market presence, Intellias has completed more than 160 projects worldwide, featured with excellence of technical expertise and reliability of partnership models. Over the years, Intellias maintains its orientation towards German-speaking market, tailoring region- and industry specific software services.

Hans Kriniger