The Profiles Series Announces the Production of a Segment Highlighting Advancements in Aquaculture

Los Angeles, CA, November 22, 2006 --( The Profiles Series announces the production of a segment highlighting "Advancements in Aquaculture." Aquaculture involves the breeding, hatching, rearing and cultivation for sale of aquatic organisms, including fish, crustaceans or aquatic plants. Executive Producer Wali Waiters says, "It is important that our viewers have an understanding of how Aquaculture impacts our society and our world."

The Profiles Series will show how Aquaculture can be carried out in salt as well as freshwaters and how it utilizes a diverse range of farming systems such as marine based sea-cages, open large-scale ponds or highly intensive land-based recirculation systems based on tanks. Schachter says, "The story will be educational as well as visually compelling."

The Profiles Series is independently produced by Profiles Productions LLC. The television series is dedicated to showcasing the most important issues of the day. The program covers all the information that you need to know to keep up with today's innovative ideas and emerging advancements.

Profiles Productions LLC
Steve Rom