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New York, NY, November 22, 2006 --( MySpace is growing beyond the wildest imagination of its originators. What started out as a simple tool to show off one's little webpage and make friends, is now one of the largest and biggest web-based networking sites in the world. MySpace is a visual experience. Whether you notice a picture, a block of text, or a video, everything you take in on MySpace is through your eyes. This is where a custom MySpace layout comes in.

"People are always looking for a way to express themselves to the world, and these blogs and social networking sites like MySpace and Xanga offer a way for people to use the web to express themselves," said T. Christine, creator of the site.

No more hassle with manually changing MySpace profiles – claims to have the perfect 1-click-solution. On, social networkers find MySpace backgrounds and HTML tools to make their blog or MySpace layouts look more attractive. was created to help bloggers and MySpace users create layouts that are both glitzy and personal.

"Creating your own layout and background is easy with the right tools," T. Christine said. allows users to create the coolest social networking sites and blogs at no cost. is offering MySpace additions such as MySpace Codes and Premade MySpace Layouts in a variety of themes and styles to suit your personality. Lots of creative, colorful designs, graphics and backgrounds.

About helps social network users and bloggers create blog or MySpace layouts using HTML coding. The website features a free HTML editor to help users create MySpace backgrounds that are both attractive and expressive. offers all the tools needed to create and edit a user's social networking site or blog. For more information please contact:

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