From Facebook Page to Inspirational Global Journey – “For the Love of Meghan” Makes a Difference

“For the Love of Meghan” started as a page on Facebook that allowed people around the world to support its namesake in her second battle against cancer. Since her passing in April, 2010, “For the Love of Meghan” has become an inspirational movement led by her husband, Adam Warner, who intends to cross Canada before traveling the world, performing acts of charity “to provide a lasting and tangible record of Meghan's love for helping people.”

Petrolia, Canada, May 09, 2010 --( Adam Warner announced today that the achievements that had once been a “bucket list” for his late wife, Meghan, are now the heart of a tremendous journey of hope, inspiration, and cancer awareness. Adam Warner’s travels will begin as a cross-country opportunity to give back to the world in Meghan’s name, with intentions to head around the world providing aid at every stop to those who need it most.

Meghan first shared her list with the world on her blog and then at the Facebook page “For the Love of Meghan,” which was watched by an ever-growing number of people who supported her throughout her second battle against cancer. Around the globe, purple “For the Love of Meghan” wristbands were donned and messages of encouragement poured in to the popular social networking page, but unfortunately, Meghan was unable to complete her list before she succumbed to her illness on April 27, 2010 at the age of only 28.

And yet, the number of “For the Love of Meghan” supporters has continued to grow. At first, it had been to express the overwhelming grief felt by those who had heard her moving story. Now this international connection has spread to assist Adam, who has decided that Meghan’s list will not remain unfinished, and that it is the ideal opportunity to give back to people around the world, as Meghan had always wanted to do.

Today, Megan’s list represents living life in its fullest and most meaningful way. “Don't call this a bucket list. No one is planning on dying. These are things that Meghan wanted to do and was unable to. These are goals,” says Warner. He added that “there is something powerful in the young being naive and feeling invincible. We get things done.” Starting with a journey across Canada and later heading around the world, he intends to stop in cities and towns in order to provide charitable service in those places. He means to live the experience of the locations, but leave a meaningful contribution in Meghan’s name, as well. In Warner’s words, he’s “interested in service projects across Canada and around the world to provide a lasting and tangible record of Meghan's love for helping people.”

Adam Warner met Meghan Baker while teaching English to children in South Korea in 2007, but returned to their respective family homes (hers in Petrolia, Ontario, his in Washington D.C.) in 2008 to allow her to undergo her first round of chemotherapy when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. To be closer to Meghan, Adam moved to Michigan, which was just across the border from where Meghan lived. There, he started the visa application process so that he could move to Canada and reside with her. In January, 2010, however, Meghan was diagnosed with a metastatic brain tumour (brain mets), followed by a discovery of tumours in her hip and shoulder bones, liver, and lymph node in February. Meghan and Adam were married on March 28th, 2010, accomplishing a very important goal on her life list. Though radiation therapy was completed and chemotherapy was started, she passed away soon afterward.

It is Adam’s desire to begin a registered charity in Meghan’s name in order to increase his ability to give.

For more information about Adam Warner’s “For the Love of Meghan” journey of giving and inspiration, please contact him at The “For the Love of Meghan” page is open to all on Facebook at!/pages/For-the-love-of-Meghan/275219697466, and Twitter is now available at Meghan’s blog (now maintained by Adam) and list of goals can be viewed at

For the Love of Meghan
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