InternMatch Now the Largest in Washington State is now the largest intern matching service in Washington State with more internship listings than all the other services combined.

Seattle, WA, May 12, 2010 --( just launched its intern matching services to all of Washington State, adding hundreds of new positions and growing to be larger than all the other internship services in the state combined. “We now have close to 1,000 listings with more coming on board,” says InternMatch co-founder and CEO Andy Maguire. “This is spectacular for such a young company. As social entrepreneurs we are dedicated to connecting students with high quality positions that are as diverse as their interests. This launch is just the beginning of an even larger effort.”

Maguire teamed up with Nathan Parcells, CMO and Kyle Wilkinson, CTO, just a year ago to develop an online ecosystem committed entirely to internships. Their goal was to simplify the process of connecting prospective interns with organizations and to build a library of resources and tools dedicated to helping students and organizations maximize the benefits of internships.

In addition to all the new listings has just rolled out a more streamlined search process so that students will have an easier time managing their resumes and accessing the hundreds of new listings.

Ian Mai, a University of Washington engineer who received early access to the new offerings says, “The site is really simple and easy to use. As an engineer internships are very competitive so it is an advantage to be able to find all the available positions in a single location.”

“Businesses and Non-profits will also have new tools to use which will help them create gold standard internship listings,” says CMO, Nathan Parcells. These templates will define project scopes for specific types of internships.

InternMatch plans to expand soon into the national market in order to capture the approximately 4 million students and graduates who seek internships every year. “The number of graduates with internship experience has increased eight fold in the past 15 years,” says Parcells. “Some schools have as high as 90% of their student body with internship experience.” According to Parcells, “finding an internship is quickly becoming as competitive as landing an entry level position. Up until now there has not been a single destination to go and discover what internships are out there and to apply for those positions."

InternMatch intends to tap into the enormous demand for its service. "We are now positioned as the dominate intern matching service in Washington State,” says Maguire, “and intend to quickly respond to the demand nationwide.”

Nathan Parcells