European IT Outsourcing Survey 2010 Launched

IT Sourcing Europe Ltd, European research and consultancy company specializing in nearshore IT outsourcing, announces the launch of the European IT Outsourcing Survey 2010.

Coventry, United Kingdom, May 13, 2010 --( IT Sourcing Europe has begun its new online IT Outsourcing (ITO) Survey. The Survey is comprised of two questionnaires, each targeting one of the two types of European companies – those that do software development outsourcing and those that do not.

The Survey has the following objectives:

1) To explore factors that drive companies to outsource their software development function, challenges associated with offshore/nearshore outsourcing and problem solving practices;
2) To find out which strategy works best with the software development outsourcing and how;
3) To explore key factors that keep companies away from outsourcing their software development to the 3d party;
4) To find out in what circumstances non-outsourcing companies would consider outsourcing their software development and how.

The Survey’s target group includes decision making executives of the European companies responsible for leading and managing corporate software development function, using either outsourced or in-house IT resources.

IT Sourcing Europe’s Survey is an essential part of the European ITO market research and its results will be used in the form of industry aggregates in the “European IT Outsourcing Intelligence Report 2010,” a comprehensive study of Europe’s ITO demand, market trends and expectations, challenges and fears, best practices in the client-vendor relationship management etc. The final version of the Report will be provided to each survey respondent free of charge as the incentive for dedicating time to complete the survey.

IT Sourcing Europe hopes that the European IT Outsourcing Survey 2010 will bring significant value to the European ITO research and will help increase European companies’ awareness of competitors’ behavior with regards to software / web development outsourcing and most effective problem solving strategies. IT Sourcing Europe also believes that the Survey will help non-outsourcing European companies better apprehend the value of the outsourced software development and make the right decision in case they will ever be pressed to adopt outsourcing by such factors as the increased time to market and competition, better software / web product quality through reduced costs, or need to cut operating costs.

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Viktor Bogdanov