Sustainable Sourcing’s Himalayan Bath Salts Featured on The Doctors Television Show

Great Barrington, MA, May 16, 2010 --( Sustainable Sourcing announced today that the company's HimalaRose™ organic Himalayan bath salts were featured on The Doctors, the popular health and wellness television show focused on understanding the body and providing tips for healthy living.

The segment offered praise to the HimalaRose brand for its relaxation and healing properties. One of the show’s experts, Dr. Travis Stork, gave credit to the 84 minerals that HimalaRose contains as a way to promote relaxation and aid in overall health.

“This is 84 minerals in this sea salt, and it’s been praised for centuries for its healing properties, and…it can soothe sore muscles, improve circulation [and] even reduce blood pressure,” notes Stork.

Sustainable Sourcing is dedicated to bringing consumers high-quality, pure products, and the company's line of Himalayan bath salts are 100 percent certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and void of additives. They combine the finest grain Himalayan salt with the relaxing scent of lavender or rose petal to create HimalaRose. To accompany the HimalaRose line, Sustainable Sourcing offers Himalayan salt massage stones for exfoliating, mineralizing and gentle detoxifying for the deepest relaxation. Stones can be heated for a therapeutic massage and also chilled to help alleviate sports injury, pain, stiffness or swelling.

Unlike other bath salts, HimalaRose is created in the company's own Certified Organic and Kosher facility under strict artisan methods for better hygiene, quality control and cleanliness. The facility is wind powered and chemical-free, and only Dr. Bronner’s Certified Organic Gluten-Free Soap is used as a cleaning product, with a rinse of a hot water solution with naturally-fermented, Eden Foods’ Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Sustainable Sourcing also produces a line of Himalayan salt products and organic peppercorns for cooking, with products available individually and in zero-carbon, organic gift sets. Their leading Himalayan sea salt HimalaSalt™ is available in fine grain, coarse grain, chunks, cubes, bricks, or with a unique selection of Himalayan salt cooking slabs, bowls or plates. Sustainable Sourcing's many varieties of organic peppercorns compliment HimalaSalt, and are available in recyclable, refillable grinders.

Sustainable Sourcing products are available for purchase online at, as well as at Whole Foods, Wegman’s Fresh Markets and other natural and gourmet stores. Sustainable Sourcing generously donates five percent of their profits to support environmental causes.

For information about Sustainable Sourcing, contact Jessica Burfield at Libra Design and Media, 608-557-9337, or

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