Candy Concepts Inc Featured in Web Wholesaler Magazine

Candy Concepts Inc is the subject of a spread in Web Wholesaler Magazine.

Waukesha, WI, May 17, 2010 --( Terry Keenan's business, Candy Concepts Inc, is featured in this month's edition of Web Wholesaler Magazine, a leading publication for those who do business on the internet. Terry has been in the wholesale candy business for over 20 years, and in that time has become a leader in supplying candy stores with what they need. But that's not why Web Wholesaler magazine featured him in this month's edition of their B2B magazine. Keenan's business, Candy Concepts Inc, isn't just about candy anymore. With the addition of their website four years ago, Keenan has gone into a unique new business—one that might be called Containers & Consulting.

This is the aspect of Keenan's business that captured the attention of the folks at Web Wholesaler magazine. Though Keenan started out supplying wholesale candy and candy display containers to candy stores, other retailers began to stumble across his site—and they were impressed with what they saw. Sales rocketed—but not sales of candy; rather, it was sales of containers that propelled Candy Concepts Inc into greater success. No matter what kind of retail store his customers were opening or expanding, they needed his containers to display their wares.

But that wasn't all they needed from Keenan. They also needed advice on how to use those containers. So, he went into the consulting business. Web Wholesaler quotes Keenan as saying, "We give a lot of personal help, because the nature of our product generated people needing advice with opening a store. It's not uncommon to spend 30 or 45 minutes with someone." This consulting side resulted in an entire section of his website under the heading of "Open a Store."

Keenan goes on to say, "We are basically a one-stop shop for store owners. They can log on, get familiar with our site, and fill up a whole new store. We are available on a daily basis, and all they have to do is pick up the phone."

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