Yats Restaurant Advices Cigar Lovers on How to Prevent Cigar Beetle Infestation

Cuban cigars are favorite in the Philippines among regular patrons of Yats Restaurant in Clark Philippines. Tropical climates breed trouble for the aging process.

Manila, Philippines, May 17, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Yats Restaurant owns and operates a cigar and wine shop that sells premium Cuban cigars and fine vintage wines. Patrons of Yats Cigar and Wine Shop are asking for help and advice on how to curb the infestation of Cigar beetles that punch holes in their cigars thereby ruining them.

Best way to avoid these pests is to keep the cigars sealed in zip bloc and kept in low temperates, under 15C. If you have a wine cellar, that might be a good place to put them.

Once a cigar is found to be infested, isolate it immediately from the rest. Clean the humidor thoroughly before placing the good ones back in it. Before returning the (good) cigars to the humidor, examine each one carefully to make sure they too are not infested already.

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Punch Petit Coronations A.T.
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