Luxinteract Launches Friendstribe.Com, a New Mobile Social Network, the “Ubiquitous” Mobile Social Network

Luxinteract launches beta version of

New York, NY, November 27, 2006 --( Luxinteract, Inc., a New York based company, has announced the beta version of their flagship product, a new mobile social network. Denoted as the “ubiquitous” mobile social network because it works everywhere in the United States, users can access it from the largest cities to the most remote locations.

“It’s easy, our mobile social network works anywhere you are, not where we think you should be or only in 22 U.S. cities,” said Antonio Zichichi, President of Luxinteract. “We designed the service for people who have a unique sense of lifestyle, who want fun and entertainment online and on the go.” lets friends know where users are; tag favorite restaurants, clubs and other spots. Upload and share video and pictures from the last party or hot spot, directly from a phone. Friendstribe users can create their own events, invite friends with an invitation directly to their mobile phone and let them RSVP from the phone. Send a message to “87130” and users have access to, which has been certified and approved by all major U.S. mobile carriers. Luxinteract has also teamed up with mBlox, the premier service provider of mobile messaging infrastructure in the United States and Europe.

With every function, the user is in control of who can communicate with them. “We built a unique way for our users to specify the size of the circle they want to be in,” said David Pasqualini, Vice President of Luxinteract. “How big do you want your circle to be, set it from a half mile to 100 miles,” and in, the circle moves where you move.

About Luxinteract, Inc.
Luxinteract specializes in delivering entertainment and Media solutions. A privately held company headquartered in New York, NY. Founded in 2005, the company’s principles have extensive backgrounds in Publishing & Media and Global Technology.

About mBlox
mBlox is the world’s largest mobile transaction network. Specializing in the commercial and technical complexities of mobile payment and messaging transmission, mBlox is in the business of connecting companies with customers. mBlox, Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco and London, with offices across Europe.

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