Mobilescape Announces True Signature Capture, Providing Online Chargeback Defense for Mobile Credit Card Transactions

Merchants can now access signatures and receipts online for up to 15 months after a sale, a powerful tool for resolving disputed transactions

Houston, TX, May 19, 2010 --( Mobilescape, the provider of the market’s leading mobile payment solution for credit cards and checks, today announced the availability of True Signature Capture, a powerful feature that enables mobile merchants to capture customer signatures at the point of sale and then retrieve them online at any time through Mobilescape Manager, the solution’s web-based transaction analytics portal.

Unlike other point-of-sale devices that only print the customer’s signature on the paper receipt, Mobilescape’s True Signature Capture keeps both the receipt data and an image of the signature securely online for 15 months. Mobile merchants and enterprise customers can enjoy the peace of mind from having a customer’s signed receipt and transaction details readily accessible in the event of a chargeback dispute.

“The ability to produce a signed receipt improves the merchant’s chances of prevailing in a dispute. If a chargeback claim occurs, a merchant using True Signature Capture can quickly access the signature image and receipt and email it to their acquiring bank to show that the customer signed for the goods or services,” said Richard A. Howell, vice president of mobile payments at BankServ, Mobilescape’s parent company. “True Signature Capture is a unique reporting tool that provides our customers unparalleled control of their payment operations.”

True Signature Capture is a key component of Mobilescape Manager, Mobilescape’s Web-based transaction analysis portal. In addition to supporting chargeback defense, Mobilescape Manager gives merchants the ability to search and analyze transaction trends by a variety of metrics, including:

- Customer or company name
- Dollar amounts and number of transactions, searchable by user-defined date ranges
- Payment activity by branch office, vehicle route or specific individual user
- Transaction type, including credit, debit, check or cash, card type, and declines.

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About Mobilescape

Mobilescape is the market’s most cost effective, full-featured and durable mobile payment solution for credit cards and checks. The Mobilescape solution includes hardware, customizable firmware, wireless service, transaction processing and 24/7 support and maintenance.

Mobilescape’s unique hardware features include electronic check conversion and customizable payment screens with easy-to-use icons. Web-based features include true signature capture and transaction analytics that are exportable to any finance or accounting package. Mobilescape is the
mobile payment partner of choice for leading enterprises in healthcare, food service, transportation, mobile photographers and residential services.

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