12designer Introduces Its Freemium Monetizing Model

Just after a year, the creative crowdsourcing online portal is established as a European leading reference and now restates its business model in a new fee structure.

Berlin, Germany, May 20, 2010 --(PR.com)-- 12designer presented the new “Freemium” fee model, and therefore strengthening firmly its position as professional creative platform.

No doubt: 12designer shows impressive figures in its first year. 8,500 users, more than 7,000 from them creatives; more than 1,100 creative projects, from logos to websites, from new company's naming and claims to posters; 34,000 comments and 100,000 creative proposals. “Those figures are to be happy with, but they also imply a step forward to establish a business model that allows a reasonable growth in the future for all parties,” Missling said.

Under this premise, Eva Missling, founder and 12designer's CEO, presented the new fee model that will replace the previously 100%-free platform. She said, “12designer.com landed successfully in the market meeting and fulfilling professional needs for creative services, and that has to stay as it is.”

Therefore, in order to offer more security to creatives and more quality in their proposals, 12designer takes into force the “Freemium” model, which combines fees and free functions. Posting a project with limited participation up to 12 creatives will stay free for clients, what won't happen with extended premium features: projects with unlimited participation of creatives all around Europe, and professional advise from the Design Jury, will be subject to a euro 24 fee for unlimited projects, which can be upgraded to private projects for just euro 12 more. “Nevertheless, a discount code system has been introduced, to thank the best clients for their confidence,” states Missling.

But improvement will not stop here. There are plans to set a new type of project in the future: a Premium project, where only the best and most talented and expert creatives may take part. This diversity will assure that every client obtains the best results according to the project type, and makes possible for every budget a wide range of options to choose from.

About 12designer
Online marketplace where offers and demands of design work meet. Logos, slogans, commercial banners, websites or promotional videos: clients post their projects and set a price, designers send their proposals in an open competition and client buys the one he/she likes most. Founder is Eva Missling, and 12designer is the first business developed by Grupo Intercom in Germany. Online since March 2009, recently available in 5 leading European languages. The 12designer team works in Berlin and Barcelona.

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