Agel Enterprises Launches in Houston, Giving Entrepreneurs the Opportunity to Introduce a Revolutionary New Product to this Massive Marketplace

AGEL Enterprises Launches in Houston on November 30, 2006 and provides a revolutionary new product line that will forever change the health and wellness industry.

Houston, TX, November 27, 2006 --( Lori LeBlanc, an Independent Team Member with AGEL Enterprises, will be part of a team of entrepreneurs introducing this exciting business model to Houston. The AGEL business represents the entry of a new and revolutionary product to the health and wellness industry.

AGEL Enterprises, a Utah-based company, has released a patented way to deliver nutrients called "Suspension Gel Technology". Their product line will change the way people take nutritional products forever.

LeBlanc relates this innovation to the mouthwash breath strips that have become the rave since their release. "Not too long ago, mouthwash was sold in heavy, bulky bottles. Now, you can carry a small pouch in your pocket or purse and get the same benefits delivered in a much simplier way. Nothing has changed except the delivery mechanism. We're doing the same thing with nutrition!"

AGEL Business Briefings will be held in the Greenspoint area every two weeks starting on November 30, 2006 to introduce this business model to professionals and entrepreneurs in the Houston area. These meetings will be held at no cost to guests looking to get more information about the AGEL business.

To reserve your spot at the official AGEL Launch Business Briefing on November 30, 2006 or for future meetings call Lori at 713-705-8649.

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Lori LeBlanc