Hosts SkypeCast with Popular Business Blogging Author, Ted Demopoulos

Roanoke, VA, November 28, 2006 --( Watching business blogging and podcasting take off in the past 2 years has been enlightening.  However, many businesses who want to leverage blogging for marketing, for communication or even for internal archiving of messaging are still in awe of this new medium.  And, in light of WalMart’s (and other’s) failed attempts at social marketing, some businesses are afraid of stepping out into this minefield that is the blogosphere.

But, business blogging is really not that difficult.  In fact, if you can keep transparency and collaboration as your key ideals, your business will likely manage blogging well.  But of course you’ll still have questions.  This is why Problogwriters has chosen to spotlight business blogging as the topic for their first SkypeCast, on December 8 at 10am EST.  If you don't have Skype, download it here.  It will be required for the SkypeCast.

Business blogging author Ted Demopoulos will head up the event, answering the questions of participants and generally giving the audience an idea of what business blogging is all about.  If you’ve been on the fence as to the why and how of business blogging, here’s your chance to get real, practical answers from one of the web’s preeminent experts on business blogging.

In addition to the valuable answers being handed out at the event, there will be other prizes given to attendees.  Ted is giving away a signed copy of his latest book, What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting. As well, advertising spots will be given away on the probloggers’ forum and on, a business blog written by Robyn Tippins (interviewed in the book).  

There is no need to RSVP, but if you have questions that you would like answered in the chat, be sure to leave them in the blogger's forum at  Look under General Discussion => Blogging and Podcasting Questions.  

They look forward to seeing you at the Business Blogging SkypeCast with author Ted Demopoulos on December 8 at 10am.  Spend some time preparing your questions for Ted.  Gaining the ear of a blogging/podcasting expert is usually quite expensive.  This holiday season for one hour only, at, it’s free.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity!

Robyn Tippins