Car Loan Finance in the UK Has a New Player

A new website has been added to the car loan and insurance market of the UK, “Car Loan Adviser.” Supported and backed by Carlyle Finance and the popular FirstRand bank.

Llanishen, United Kingdom, May 24, 2010 --( With the world put into a financial slowdown; the car loan and insurance service market seemed to be looking gloomy in the UK. However, with the global economic crisis now slowly moving away and the financial markets falling back in place, there are a few new players to the car loan finance market in the United Kingdom. “Back in 2008, you would have noted that there was fierce competition in the car loan and insurance market. People out there were able to take the maximum advantage of the availing car loan providers during that period. In fact, the fierce competition among the car loan service providers made it much easier for consumers to get a loan, and in addition to this many Dealers were making certain that the consumers were being tempted with all kinds of offers as well. However, things in the car loan world have changed a lot during the past year, and because of the global recession, getting a car loan can now be a tedious and often unsuccessful process. We think that its time that all of this changed and with the launch of our new website, Car Loan Adviser, we hope that the process won’t be tedious anymore” says Karl Werner of Carlyle Finance, the business behind (

The website “Car Loan Adviser” seems to live up to the promise of providing advice to consumers out there, on how to get a car loan through the best available option. “The key to making the process of considering a car loan easy and simple is to identify the best loan method. You will be well aware of the fact that there are lots of choices to make when it comes to a car loan. The loan can be obtained using your savings, credit card or obtained directly from a bank. The choice you make on how and where to get the loan from will decide the easiness of the loan application process. This is where “Car Loan Adviser” comes into play. You will know the best choice for you with just a few mouse clicks.”

Speaking on the move, Karl Werner said, “Choosing a car loan finance provider will be one of the toughest choices to make. Moreover, during times such as the financial collapse in the global economy, getting a car loan will be an uphill task without expert advice. We are the experts in car loan and insurance and we provide advice as well.”


Powered by Carlyle Finance and backed by the FirstRand Bank, is a newcomer to the car loan finance market of the UK. With the huge experience of Carlyle Finance along with the support of FirstRand Bank, ( has become very popular in helping people in the UK to find the best car loan that suits their needs.

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