Sustainable Sourcing’s HimalaSalt™ Products Featured on The Martha Stewart Show

Sustainable Sourcing announced today that the company's HimalaSalt™ and organic peppercorns were featured on The Martha Stewart Show and chosen as the Martha’s favorite “Martha’s Find.”

Great Barrington, MA, May 26, 2010 --( Sustainable Sourcing announced today that the company's HimalaSalt™ and organic peppercorns were featured on The Martha Stewart Show and chosen as the Martha’s favorite “Martha’s Find.”

Martha Stewart commended Sustainable Sourcing's leading Himalayan sea salt, HimalaSalt, on the May 14, 2010 episode of The Martha Stewart Show: Chef Charlie Palmer. On the show, Stewart took to Sustainable Sourcing’s HimalaSalt line, calling the product "really beautiful" as she referenced its use on the show during a cooking segment.

Today’s consumers are becoming more educated in food safety and contamination issues, and many are seeking out more healthful alternatives. While healthy salt is an essential part of a healthy diet, consumers are now becoming wary of the health risks associated with refined table salt and alarmed by sea salts coming from today’s polluted oceans. Sustainable Sourcing’s HimalaSalt brand has become the doctor recommended naturally healthy salt that is not only rich in essential trace minerals and flavor, but also offers health benefits alike.

Unlike most salt products on the market today, HimalaSalt is all-natural, unrefined with no additives and hand harvested from a protected source. It is gluten and allergen free, and while it has trace amounts of naturally occurring iodine, it does not have any added iodine. HimalaSalt is not heat treated like other salts, which preserves the delicate trace essential minerals so important to health and vitality. HimalaSalt is available in fine grain, coarse grain, chunks, cubes, bricks, or with a unique selection of Himalayan salt cooking slabs, bowls or plates.

Martha Stewart mentioned on the show, "What I really like is their wonderful selection of organic peppercorns, which come in...ceramic, refillable grinders.”

The line of seven organic peppercorns offered from Sustainable Sourcing range in color and taste. Stewart chose to use Sustainable Sourcing’s white and black peppercorns to make a Black and White Pepper Shrimp recipe. Martha recognized and highlighted the many varieties of peppercorns Sustainable Sourcing offers individually and as part of their zero-carbon, organic gift sets on their website at

Sustainable Sourcing was founded by Melissa Kushi to provide healthy, ethically made products created in the company's own Certified Organic, Wind-Powered facility under the strictest artisan methods and quality control. Kushi’s green, chemical-free facility only uses Dr. Bronner’s Certified Organic Gluten-Free Soap as a cleaning product, with a rinse of a hot water solution with naturally-fermented, Eden Foods’ Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Sustainable Sourcing products are available for purchase online at, as well as at Whole Foods, Wegman’s, The Fresh Markets and other natural and gourmet stores. Sustainable Sourcing generously donates five percent of their profits to support environmental causes.

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