Patented Fitness Product, Attachable Shoe Weights, Now Available for Licensing

Inventor can no longer ignore constant order requests for a product that hasn’t been advertised or sold for over five years.

San Diego, CA, May 26, 2010 --( Jodie Harrington, inventor and patent holder for attachable shoe weights, announced her intent to license her unique fitness product. Harrington is excited about offering the exclusive marketing and distribution rights to her invention. "I haven't advertised or sold the product for over five years and I still get orders!" says Harrington. "In just the last year I've received eleven emails and five phone calls from both individuals and wholesalers wanting to order. People love these weights!"

"They are such an important part of my fitness routine," says LeAnne Boyce. "I've been walking with my two pound weights for over six years and I wanted to replace them. I couldn't justify spending so much money on those new shaping shoes so I spent months tracking Ms. Harrington down and ended up ordering two more pairs. I don't ever want to be without my walking weights!"

Harrington manufactured and marketed the attachable shoe weights from 9/03 to 2/05 under the name Jolie Weights®. They sold through Harrington's own eCommerce site as well as through 45+ retail stores, online sites, catalogs, gyms and more. The weights became so popular that they appeared in over 20 national magazines and newspapers and in numerous online articles. Despite the weights' incredible success, Harrington couldn't financially sustain the business and stopped selling them.

The weights attach to any laced shoe adding resistance to every step, helping to tone and firm glute, thigh and calf muscles, raise the heart rate and burn up to 15% more calories. Designed for all fitness levels, ages and body types, their versatility allows an individual to add them to their regular fitness routine and incorporate them into their everyday life if there's no time to squeeze in a workout. The muscle-firming weights can be worn at work, while running errands, shopping, doing household chores, taking a leisurely stroll, walking the dog and more, turning everyday activities into a workout.

Harrington invented the compact weights in 2002 out of her own desire to burn more calories and tone muscles while walking her two small dogs. She thought about wearing ankle weights but they just weren't her style. Harrington shopped around; specifically searching for weights that attach to fitness shoes but found nothing, so she created them. Another motivator for Harrington's invention was to address the obesity crises, which now, eight years later, has increased to staggering heights. She especially wanted to target childhood obesity with her clever Kid's Weights Action Pak. "Some big name companies are finally jumping on the bandwagon with walking and toning shoes because they now recognize that walking is a viable, and sometimes crucial, form of exercise," says Harrington. "Currently over 100 million people in the U.S. walk for exercise. That's a lot of weights!"

Jodie Harrington has been in the Marketing & Advertising industry for over 20 years. Her next endeavor is to fulfill her life-long desire to create a forum in which young girls are encouraged to unleash their creative energy, gain appreciation and inspiration from fellow colleagues and become empowered to overcome social and personal challenges that often occur at that age. Additional information about her product available for licensing can be found at

Michaela Martello