HotWire Marketing, B2B Technology Marketing Firm, Marks 10th Anniversary

From the Dot Com boom through tough economic times, high tech marketing agency has spent a decade helping firms solve thorny marketing problems.

Atlanta, GA, May 26, 2010 --( It’s been ten years since Margi Berbari and Stuart Graetz joined forces to create HotWire Marketing, a virtual marketing agency focused on technology firms. At the time, Margi had been running her own agency, Breakthrough Marketing, and Stuart had just left a long stint leading the marketing at Southern Engineering.

Initially providing strategic marketing planning and tactical program implementation through its founding principals, when clients required additional support the firm expanded its menu of services through a coterie of freelance designers, web programmers, marketing researchers, etc. This provided the flexibility to select the person with the most appropriate experience and skill-set for the job and better control overhead.

When asked about the firm’s ten-year history Stuart Graetz said, “What’s the Chinese proverb, ‘may you live in interesting times.’ We’ve had no shortage of interesting times. We started during the tail end of the dot com boom, saw the bubble burst, and have now experienced the worst economy I’ve lived through. Maybe Dickens’ ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’ is more appropriate. It’s been a challenging, but for the most part, fun ride.”

Over the decade, HotWire has assisted a wide range of B-to-B technology and services clientele including a number of Fortune 500 technology firms – as well as scores of mid-size and small firms and start-ups. Geographically, the firm has worked throughout the U.S. from northern California to south Florida – and Canada. Experience covers software, products, and services in healthcare, wireless, IT, telephony, instrumentation, insurance, security, energy, e-marketing, and aviation.

According to Margi Berbari, the firm’s co-founder, as the economy changed HotWire did as well. “The nature of our work evolved as market conditions changed. During the heyday when there was a start-up or two every week most of our work was highly strategic. As the economy softened, our work became much more tactical as clients became focused on ringing the cash register. In an ideal world you have more of a balance between the two.”

What hasn’t changed over the ten years, according to Graetz, was the firm’s approach to addressing clients’ marketing issues. “We’ve always prided ourselves on being objective in our recommendations and basing our analyses on facts – not our assumptions. The breadth of our consulting experience has exposed us to a wide variety of marketing problems and proven marketing solutions.”

About HotWire Marketing

Established in 2000, HotWire Marketing provides strategic and tactical marketing consulting services to technology firms. By focusing on assisting clientele address their most pressing marketing-related challenges, the firm has acquired broad experience and an impressive knowledge base. HotWire’s principals have worked with industry giants such as Intel and Research In Motion, as well as for dozens of smaller firms and start-ups. More information about the firm can be found at

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