WebClip.in Launches a Great Tool For Clipping Contents from the Web

WebClip is great tool for users to save interesting stuff they find on the web. Most users have multiple social networking accounts. WebClip lets users integrate their shared items, favorites, likes, votes up from different sites (Google, twitter, youtube, etc) to be stored in one central location.

Washington, DC, May 28, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Most often users come across certain parts of information on a web page particularly useful to them and would like to save, tag, organize and share with others. Bookmarking the page does not spotlight the part users are interested in or copying/pasting (in any editor) is really not the solution to the problem. So, how about rather just clip the content that matters to the users instead?

But why WebClip?

* one click posting via extension/bookmarklet,
* clip all the photos from web page,
* clip videos,
* clip rich text - highlight and post content on web page,
* clip application code,
* and the all new favfeed service.

One of the cool features of WebClip, apart from the ease of clipping any media (photo, video, text, link) is the favfeed feature.

favfeed is one-click-solution to store(feed) all shared items, buzz, likes and favorites from different services to WebClip. Whether users are using Google Reader, YouTube, Twitter, Mixx, reddit, yahoo buzz etc, they can still sync all their shared items, likes and favorites from different services to WebClip

(For a complete list of all supported services - http://webclip.in/tour/favfeed).

To learn more: http://webclip.in/tour
Feedback: http://getsatisfaction.com/webclipin

Murali Bala