Ecotrain Media Group Says "Mind Your Own Green Business"

Increase Quality, Lower Costs, Minimize Future Risk - Ecotrain makes a statement to “Mind Your Own Green Business” in a new Ecopreneur 20.10 Seminar Series.

Portland, OR, May 28, 2010 --( What is all the buzz about green business? Ecotrain Media Group is a year-old national green business that is pursuing to answer these questions while showcasing their trials and tribulations in a newly launched green business seminar series called “Mind Your Own Green Business” Ecopreneur 20.10. This new educational service is just in time for businesses across the country to participate in the nations call to action for a sustainable future.

“Mind Your Own Green Business” Ecopreneur 20.10 presents a new way of thinking while providing the latest trends, insights, and necessities of starting your own green business. This seminar service eliminates the need of initial green business consultation, and hundreds of labor hours associated with business diligence by answering the questions you have by stepping you through the most useful and compiled green professional resource on the market today; the 2010.2011 Ecotrain Green Career Guide Almanac.

With this resource, you have the opportunity to go back to your computer with a green professional desktop companion that empowers individuals, educators, and entrepreneurs to get ahead in the blooming green economy. The Ecotrain Green Career Guide Almanac is the direct information bridge between green thought and green action. As a seminar attendee, this valued asset is in addition to the personal insight that you will receive from Ecotrain cofounder Kevin Pile elaborating on this own 13 years ecopreneurial pursuits. Helping to understand his mission in developing this seminar, Mr. Pile states “Due to the difficulty in understanding sustainability from a market psychographic perspective, it will take economic historians over the course of the next 100 years or more too scholarly define the sustainable economic transformation we are about to adhere. This will be defined based on the efforts of today and tomorrow’s leaders, and how creatively ingenuitive these leaders strive to be while promoting their understanding of corporate sustainability.”

As the name implies, “Mind Your Own Green Business” Ecopreneur 20.10 is not just for the traditional business mind set, but for the many innovators that are tired of the old way of doing business, and want to initiate social change. Consider it a “Green Entrepreneur information portal” because it consolidates so much information showing your business how to Increase Quality, Lower Costs and Minimize Future Risk. For $100, this seminar will save you thousands of dollars in time and money involved with research and consultation.

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