DaimerĀ® Graffiti Removal Products Combat Growing Problem

Environmentally safe Graffiti Remover formulation and industrial strength pressure washers remove graffiti from buildings and grounds

Woburn, MA, May 30, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Graffiti removal consumes a large chunk of municipal budgets – budgets that are under increasing pressure from the current economic recession. Phoenix, AZ is estimated to spend more than $6 million annually on removal. Moreover, graffiti adversely affects city revenues by decreasing ridership on transit systems, reducing retail sales, and affecting property values.

"Graffiti creates the perception of urban blight and gang violence," explained Daimer®.com spokesman Matt Baratta. "One of the best ways to discourage graffiti is immediate removal. To this end, we've designed products that quickly remove spray paint, ink, and other markings."

Daimer® offers two types of products for graffiti removal: environmentally safe cleaners, such as Eco Green® Graffiti Remover, and the line of Super Max™ industrial grade pressures washers. For eliminating gum, the company also offers a line of specially designed Gum-Exterminator® chewing gum removal steam cleaners.

Graffiti Removal: The Problem and Solution

Figures from cities across the U.S. show that graffiti cleanup costs taxpayers as much as $3 per person, per year, according to graffitihurts.org. The non-profit group quotes studies stating that removing markings within 48 hours discourages vandals and can result in reoccurrence rates of close to zero.

As a result, many municipalities have enacted, or are considering, laws that would make property owners liable for graffiti removal or for providing the city with prompt access to the property to remove it.

Cleaning chemicals and pressure washers are among the recommended graffiti removal tools. Daimer®'s Eco Green® Graffiti Remover is a biodegradable, plant based formulation that lifts and eliminates permanent marker, paint, pen and more from brick, concrete, metals, and painted surfaces. The product can be applied manually or with power equipment, such as pressure washers.

Daimer®'s Super Max™ line of power washers includes more than 400 models, ranging from low water flow 1000 psi machines to high pressure, multi-gun systems offering 6500 psi. The line includes cold water and wet steam systems, as well as electric and propane powered units.

For chewing gum removal, another costly issue for municipalities, Daimer® sells a number of Gum-Exterminator® systems in a range of configurations and price points. The machines not only remove gum, but function as standard commercial steam vacuum cleaners and can clean a variety of hard surfaces, such as tile and grout.

For more information about Daimer®'s Eco Green chemicals, green graffiti removal systems, pressure washers, and steam cleaners visit www.daimer.com or call Matthew Baratta at (888) 507-2220.

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