Swedish Alopecia Conference Attended by Nanogen Thinning Hair Researchers

Hair loss researchers Nanogen add Swedish Alopecia Conference to a long line of prestigious exhibitions they have attended.

London, United Kingdom, May 30, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Hair loss experts Nanogen were invited to feature in an Alopecia conference in Sweden. The Stockholm conference was sponsored by the Swedish Alopecia Society. Alopecia is the medical term for any form of hair loss. It covers many different conditions, from Alopecia Areata to the more common Androgenetic Alopecia. Different forms of Alopecia cause different patterns of hair loss. Sometimes very specific patches of hair are lost, in other cases a diffuse thinning occurs, and occasionally all of the hair is lost. Nanogen manufactures a range of products that are suitable for people experiencing several more common forms of Alopecia.

Nanogen’s products may be of specific interest to people experiencing Alopecia because all Nanogen’s treatments are compatible with sensitive scalps. Nanofibres in particular are useful for many forms of Alopecia as they conceal any area of thinning hair. Nanogen’s Nanofibres are already approved by the UK Alopecia Society, which gives extra reassurance to people using Nanofibres that the product is completely safe and non-irritating.

Nanofibres are ultra fine fibres are made from keratin which is the same protein as natural hair; this eliminates the possibility of allergies or irritation. Nanofibres work by attaching to hair utilising a patent pending electrostatic charge technology, creating an instant thickening effect that gives the appearance of fuller hair. Nanofibres are completely undetectable to the naked eye and provide a flexible cosmetic solution to hair loss without the investment of time and money involved in a hair-piece. Many eminent hair transplant surgeons and trichologists already recommend Nanofibres to their patients due to their effectiveness.

The Alopecia Conference in Sweden is part of an extensive range of exhibitions that Nanogen has been featuring in, such as a Swiss dermatology society conference and the ‘Hairstyle 2010’ in Rotterdam.

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