Beltz & Ruth: Ready to Roll with #4LAW

Rainer Agency has signed renowned law firm Beltz & Ruth on with their innovative marketing tool, the Mobilek Wireless code #4LAW. Beltz & Ruth is set to launch #4LAW mid-summer.

Boston, MA, May 30, 2010 --( Rainer Agency is pleased to announce that Steven C. Ruth of Beltz & Ruth has licensed the Mobilek Wireless code #4LAW, and that Attorney Ruth will be debuting the number at both his Tampa Bay and Minneapolis law firms mid-summer.

#4LAW represents the newest era in mobilemarketing. A caller simply hits the pound sign on their cell phone, followed by the numbers 4-5-2-9, and they will immediately be connected with the lawyer who has licensed #4LAW in their area. In the case of Beltz & Ruth, this now means that over 6 million people in the Tampa Bay and Minneapolis area will now have an easy to recall number that will connect them with the Beltz & Ruth staff.

Beltz & Ruth has championed for the rights of those wronged by large insurance companies and corporations for over 30 years, and know that making a law firm accessible to clients is the key to building the foundation for retaining clients. By signing on with the Rainer Agency and incorporating this number, Beltz & Ruth will give their already loyal clients another avenue by which to connect with them, and extend their reach towards new clients.

Rainer Agency plans to continue with its campaign to license #4LAW nationwide, and has no plans of stopping with just 4-5-2-9. Rainer Agency has also provisioned the rights to other pound codes, and will continue to offer these exclusive pound codes nationwide. For more information, please contact Lyndsey Wallace at 617-447-4311.

Rainer Agency, Inc.
Lyndsey Wallace