Joe Verde’s Recovery & Growth Book on 3rd Print Run

Joe Verde’s book, “A Dealer’s Guide to Recovery and Growth in Today’s Market” is now on its 3rd print run.

San Juan Capistrano, CA, May 30, 2010 --( Since its initial publication in July 2009, Joe Verde’s book for auto dealers and managers, “A Dealer’s Guide to Recovery and Growth in Today’s Market” has become one of the most read books in the auto industry. Mr. Verde’s automotive sales and management company, Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc. ®, has now begun a third print run to keep up with industry demand.

Mr. Verde’s book is a step-by-step guide that provides dealers with a practical, repeatable plan of action that leads to results. “My first goal and biggest challenge in writing the book was to convince dealers to make a total commitment to getting on board and improving their unit production and income,” Mr. Verde said.

The book’s arrival in the summer of 2009 provided much needed help for dealers and managers who were looking for a recovery plan in the wake of the global economic downturn. Now nearly a year later, Mr. Verde understands that it’s time for dealers to focus on growth, which is the second phase that he addresses in ‘Recovery & Growth.’

“It’s time for dealers to operate their dealerships once again as ‘for profit’ businesses,” Mr. Verde said. “The economy is picking up, and dealership personnel are looking to their dealer for a vision of how to increase sales.” Since his book’s publication last year, Mr. Verde said countless dealers have reached out to him expressing their gratitude for the results they’re getting from the book.

Joe Verde will continue – just as he did after the second printing – to assist as many dealers and managers as possible by offering one book free to them, as well as an additional copy for a colleague or friend in the industry.

To obtain a free copy of Joe Verde’s ‘Recovery & Growth’ book, please call (800) 445-6217. For more information on Joe Verde’s online training programs visit To learn about Joe Verde workshops and products, visit the web at

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Joe Verde Sales & Management Training, Inc. ®, founded in 1985 with corporate offices in Southern California and Dallas, Texas, is consistently rated the number one automotive sales and management training company in North America with its focus on leadership, management and sales training for dealerships, dealer groups and manufacturers.

Joe Verde holds workshops across North America and pioneered Virtual Training with JVTN®. Mr. Verde is the author of “A Dealer’s Guide To Recovery & Growth”, “How To Sell A Car And Close The Sale Today” and publishes two monthly newsletters; “For All Managers In Sales” and “Selling Cars Today”.

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